Moments & Mementos: Wedding Rings, Wedding Day Jewellery & Accessories

Alice Made This | designer wedding rings | minimal jewellery
There’s probably no item of jewellery more important than a designer wedding ring. It’s a piece of jewellery that, should all go as planned, will become a mainstay of your life. It symbolises the friendship, love and commitment between yourself and your partner, and signifies a bond that will remain forever. The style and shape of a luxury wedding ring could be something you’ve known you wanted ever since you were a little kid. Or in other cases, you may have absolutely no idea where to even begin. Well, here’s where Alice Made This comes into the picture.
Alice Made This | designer wedding ringsAlice Made This | designer wedding ring | precision jewellery
AMT create bespoke wedding rings that are design-led, limited in edition and last a lifetime. Inspired by the precision of nature, the precision jewellery pairs uncompromising engineering with the beauty of handmade craft.
Alice Made This | designer wedding rings | design-led jewellery
Another wonderful element is that everything is made locally, with each piece having a story to tell — so why not make one of those stories, yours? Cast in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter before being finished by hand, you can choose between three signature finishes (matte barrelled, blasted or polished) and four precious metals: yellow gold, rose gold, white gold or platinum. The ring(s) you choose, are then made exclusively for you.
Alice Made This | designer wedding rings | design-led-jewelleryAlice Made This | polished wedding rings | gold ringsAlice Made This | minimalist wedding band | precision jewelleryAlice Made This | wedding ring | matte gold jewelleryAlice Made This | designer wedding rings | gold wedding ring | rose gold wedding band
More so, it’s worth noting that Alice Made This doesn’t just cater to the bride and groom exclusively. Their mens and women's jewellery expands to all members of the wedding party; AMT have expertly curated a selection of their wider pieces especially for bridesmaids, groomsmen and wedding guests, as well as pieces extending beyond the rings for the bride and bridegroom. There’s nothing quite like being given a pair of minimalist cufflinks as a groomsman, or a matching bracelet to wear with the other bridesmaids. If you’re in attendance, an elegant, well-designed accessory will go a long way to completing your attire for the special occasion.
Alice Made This | minimalist cufflinks | precision jewelleryAlice Made This | minimalist cufflinksAlice Made This | gifts for bridesmaids | stacking bracelets
I purchased a pair of Bayley Quink AMT cufflinks for my wedding reception, as the colour complimented my black suit and emerald green tie. Not only was it such a beautiful memento, it’s a pair of cufflinks I’ve worn to every wedding I’ve attended since. However, it’ll always remind me of the best day of my life, and shouldn’t all jewellery do that?
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Alice Made This | wedding rings | minimalist jewellery
Alice Made This | wedding accessories | precision jewellery | meaningful gift ideas
Words - Rikesh Chauhan 
Photography - AMT + Jamie Ferguson + RKZ