The process behind our new collection of men's accessories

Following the launch of our engineered and simple collection of men’s accessories last week – Coastlines. Volume Two. – we are taking a closer look at the processes behind our new cufflinks, bracelets for men, rings for men and tie bars.

Available in solid silver, 9ct gold and 18ct gold, these refined pieces begin their journey in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter. Here, our expert Silversmith casts our accessories in solid silver or gold, stamping each piece with the Birmingham hallmark.

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After studying the processes of Corrasion and Abrasion, and how the power of hydraulic action mechanically weathers the British coastlines, the team here at Alice Made This wanted to combine the natural with the industrial, bio mimicking the erosion processes through raw and refined finishes. This is why our new men’s accessories are available in polished, barrelled and blasted finishes.

To create the polished finish, each individual piece is hand buffed and polished with the upmost attention to detail. The result is a reflective and beautiful mirror finish, ideal for men’s formal wear and refined gifts for men.

The barrelled or matte finish is created by barrelling our men’s accessories with ceramic stones. This process mimics the motion of water against a rock surface and the friction caused by these moving particles. The result is a collection of raw yet refined pieces of men’s jewellery, ideal as gifts for lovers of minimalist design and contemporary jewellery.

The final and newest finish offered in the collection is the blasted finish. Each piece is hand blasted with a coarse dry blast using G07 chilled iron grit, followed by a green vapour blast comprised of 300-400 screen glass beads. Our blasted jewellery offers a unique and industrial texture, ideal for wearing to work and dressing down as much as to a wedding or special occasion.

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Whether you prefer the polished, barrelled or blasted finishes, our collection offers accessories to suit any style, occasion or wardrobe. Our solid silver pieces are available on our online store for delivery today.

Our 9ct gold and 18ct gold pieces are all made to order specifically for you and your measurements. Just get in touch and let us know your size requirements so that our bracelets and rings can be made precisely and individually for you.

If you have any questions about the new collection, or any of our other collections of men’s accessories and women’s jewellery, then please get in touch at

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