The Making of the Surey alphabet jewellery

Watch our Surey alphabet jewellery being made. 

Celebrating the anonymous art of letter carving and collaborating with the acclaimed stone carver Philip Surey, we explore the history of letter carving and texture of British Stone. Solid silver alphabet charms are made directly into the cut stone from Wales to create textured silver jewellery with a story of craftsmanship, nature, protection, and identity.

Riven Slate, carved by Phil, acts as the tooling for Alice to mould the alphabet jewellery. Made by hand in small batches, wax is heated, rolled, and pressed directly into the stone. Once air-cooled the letters are carefully released and cast in 925 sterling silver in our London, Royal Warrant holding, casting house. Each silver letter charm is then de-sprued, pin-barrelled, and hand finished to celebrate its texture, process, craftsmanship and story.

The Surey medallions are a quintessential Anglicised Roman letter carved into the Welsh slate. As the root form of the western alphabet, it is a traditional letter with a homage to engineering. Carved into Welsh slate, a metamorphic rock, we create a finely cut alphabet charm series elevating the riven detail found in the British rock.

Surey alphabet necklace consists of a 24mm diameter 925 silver medallion hung on a 925 silver 51cm curb chain.

‘Letter carving is a craft rooted in several basic human preconceptions: language, design and making’ John Neilson, The inscriptions of Ralph Beyer

Photography & Video: Alice Made This
Models: Christi, Coragem & Yannick, Body London
Hair & Makeup: Sophie Higginson
Stone Carver: Philip Surey