The Grateful Gifting Guide

This year we have been given countless reasons to want to treat the people we love to something special for Christmas. Grateful for community, family, friends and of course, health, we have pulled together our Grateful Gift Guide. We are making it easy to find meaningful gift ideas so read on to find something perfect for all those you wish to gift.
grateful gift guide | Alice Made This
Gifts for the Man in your life.
Most of us have one or more ‘top-of-the-list friends and loved ones. A few gift ideas for the man that enjoys technical details, the inspiration and story behind their gifts.
gifts for the man in your life P6 silver bracelet, hand crafted in solid silver / Oliver cufflinks, engineered in aerospace grade brass.
gifts for the man in your life | cta
Gifts for the Woman in your life.
Gift ideas for the women in our lives that have ‘rock’ status.  Security, stature and all-encompassing love included, this may be your friend, girlfriend, wife or mother.
gifts for the woman in your lifeMaya collection, water-cast silver. Limited run, made in London / Juno earrings, inspired by the precision in nature.
gifts for the woman in your life | cta
Gifts for the Love of your life.
This year is a year of extremes and the importance of love has been magnified. Get truly meaningful for the love of your life this Christmas.
gifts for the love of your lifeMaya choker & earring gift set, zero waste, water-cast fine silver representing optimism / Grafton gold cufflinks, for the doubled-up occasions next year.
gifts for the love of your life | cta
 Gifts for the first Christmas.
A ‘first Christmas’ along life’s journey happens more often than we think. The first with your new partner, the first as a married couple, the first with a new addition to the family, the first with the in-laws, in a new house, in a new job role…
Whatever your ‘first’ is… mark the moment with a piece of jewellery to preserve it as a wonderful moment!
gifts for the first christmasDot necklace with complimentary personalisation / Charlie silver bracelet with complimentary personalisation.
gifts for the first christmas | cta
Gifts for Wellbeing.
The wonderful positives that have come out of this year include Community, change, nature and love, together with the importance of wellbeing, our health and our happiness. Gift jewellery that reminds us and celebrates this.
gifts for the wellbeingMaxwell copper bracelet, good for circulation with natural mineral benefits / Mia circle necklace symbolising, community, balance, love and life.
gifts for the wellbeing | cta
Gifts for the 2020 thank-you.
Is there a neighbour you want to thank, a key-worker that made a huge difference in your year or a teacher that game-changed your daily routine? There are so many more thank-you’s this year, so maybe go that extra mile and let them know how truly grateful you are.
gifts for the 2020 thank youMorris Key ring, A keyring for a key-worker! / Freesia limited edition Jess Bird pin, representing friendship.
gifts for the 2020 thank you | cta 
Gifts for the awkward to buy for in-law.
There is always one slightly awkward in-law to buy for. You want something safe, something they will like, but something that is also from you. This year is your moment to pull on their heart strings a little. Be bold and go for it!
gifts for the awkward to buy for in law
Quink patina cufflinks, every piece is unique / Nola necklace, graphic and timeless to dress up or wear casually.
gifts for the awkward to buy for in-law | cta
Gifts for rekindling relationships.
Uncertainty can highlight strengths and weaknesses within any community. If one good thing has come from this year, it is the tightening of relationships and the ‘life’s too short’ for differences. If you have rekindled a relationship in any way perhaps a gift this Christmas could cement the bridge.
gifts for rekindling relationshipsHope rose gold necklace / Copper candle, flower and pen pots, precision machine in aerospace grade copper.
gifts for rekindling relationships | cta
Gift of condolences.
Soften a heart-breaking moment by gifting meaningfully. Explore the psychology of our shapes and materials, choose pieces that represent strength and love, and gift a beautiful memory.
gifts of condolenceDot tag id necklace, complimentary engraving to wear a moment or a memory close to you heart / Maya 3 charm bracelet, Made of salvage fine silver. Breaking it down we water cast it into something beautiful using a zero-waste process.
gifts of condolence | cta
Gift for the ones who (think they) have everything.
There is always one individual on the list who has everything they need or want. This list is for that one! A 1-of-1 piece that no-one else will have and so neither can they yet!
gifts for the ones who have everythingAdonis butterfly art, edition 1:1, Life, endurance, hope and change / Maya bubble earrings, limited run.
gifts for the ones who have everything | cta
Gifts for the absent friend.
‘Absence makes the heart grow fonder’ and many of us have not been able to physically see some of our closest friends all year, especially those who live across the water. Let them know they are firmly in your thoughts.
gifts for absent friendsBardo necklace, reigniting a centuries old technique / Dot cord bracelet, complimentary engraving to capture a moment or make a memory.
gifts for absent friends | cta
Gifts for you (as well as others).
Invest in one of our Give Love pieces of jewellery and give back to other whilst treating yourself. An even easier reason to justify a gift for you!
gifts for you | give back giftsLimited edition Butterfly cufflinks, giving love to the Cavell Nurses' Trust and the Fashion and Textile Children Trust / The Change bracelet in silver and gold, funding the AMT Youth programme. 
gifts for you | give back gifts | cta
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