A statement necklace for Zoë Speed of Dress Like a Mum

With Christmas just around the corner and the launch of our Women’s collection earlier this year, the Alice Made This team is thrilled to introduce something special for the ladies - The Women’s Edits.  

We have interviewed six inspiring and entrepreneurial women (including our founder Alice Walsh) about their businesses and their styles, with each of them choosing their own, unique combinations of Alice Made This pendants to create their own, shoppable Edits. The wonderful JKF MAN has also stepped outside of menswear to beautifully shoot each of the women and their necklaces.

Learn more about the stories behind the pieces and own a refined part of this exclusive collection, whether you are treating yourself or a loved one. We begin with Zoë de Pass, founder of Dress Like a Mum.

DLAM Edit | Alice Made This

DLAM Edit | Alice Made This

“I started DLAM while I was on maternity leave with my second child,” Zoë tells me. “I wanted to change the bad reputation of mum dressing and to challenge the misconception that mums can't dress. I wanted to share breastfeeding friendly outfit ideas with other women and I wanted to prove to myself that I could stay stylish despite the madness that comes with two small children. I also did it for fun!”

DLAM is a fashion and lifestyle campaign that challenges the stereotypes associated with mums, dismissing the idea that women lose their sense of style, confidence and identity after they give birth. Reflecting her fun and experimental approach to fashion, for the DLAM Edit, Zoë has paired the hanging pleat of the Ava, with the circular token of the Mia and the graphic cut of the Esme. A bold yet composed accessory that can be worn together or separately, by day, by night and on the move.

“I like odd numbers,” Zoë says, “so for me there always had to be three pieces on one chain and these were the ones I was drawn too. I love the contrast of the shapes - the round, the straight and the zipper shape. They are also really nice to hold and have a great weight to them. I love that I can wear them all separately or in different combinations. They will last me a life time.”

DLAM Edit | Alice Made This

DLAM Edit | Alice Made This

Layering machined brass pendants on a 60cm gold plated chain, the DLAM Edit experiments with geometric profiles, contrasting finishes and graphic lines. While this necklace is a playful expression of Zoë’s style, its precision and attention to detail also mirrors her considered approach to business.

“I have been doing DLAM for nearly 2 years now,” Zoë tells me, “and have managed to turn it into a business, working with major global brands while at the same time supporting smaller ones. I love it. Prior to starting DLAM, I was Head of Insights at Spring Studios (a creative agency) where I worked on Social and Digital Strategies for luxury fashion and beauty brands.”

“Social media is a massive part of our lives at the moment,” she continues, “in both a negative and positive way. It can be negative in that it can make us compare ourselves to others and it can be positive in the way that it can inspire and motivate. It's hard to say what the future holds for social media because it changes daily and moves so fast. I think that platforms such as Instagram will still be going strong but that there will be others that will emerge.”

DLAM Edit | Alice Made This

DLAM Edit | Alice Made This

Arguably this time of year is when Instagram’s ability to inspire really comes into action. With Christmas gift guides, present ideas and New Year’s Eve party outfit posts a plenty, there is always a readily available bank of content to draw upon for stimulus and motivation. With that in mind, I ask Zoë which pieces are on her shopping list this season.

“I love the Alexander copper cufflinks - so simple but perfectly formed. Also the Juno pendants are stunning! I love the proportion of them and the way they feel. And of course my Edit because it’s so versatile and can be worn in multiple combinations with anything to anywhere - you can't go wrong!”

Photography by JKF MAN

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