The Power of the Circle

At this moment in time we have collectively been asking many questions about who we are, both personally and professionally, and what we ‘really’ want out of life for our loved ones and ourselves. This is not a choice. The pandemic has stimulated these thoughts through its enormity and global reach. We are all experiencing a cycle of emotions, and even grief, of the ‘old world’ through shock, panic, anger, fear or frustration, and slowly move to embrace the situation. This will continue for some time and is possibly the first time we have all witnessed a moment where no one, worldwide, has a defining answer.

The positive outlook is that it has most definitely elevated a love of many things we take (or took) for granted… family, friends, community, nature, fresh air and time. Whether you are experiencing a lack of time due to fighting on the front line or a plethora of time furloughed at home, it makes you appreciate time as an enormous luxury.

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At Alice Made This we have felt a profound desire to connect with our community. Second to this we have explored the passion that lies in our materials, our thoughts and inspirations and our designs. Precision in nature, geometry and reason motivates a lot of our thought process here. The science of art and the art of science whether in a process, a material or an idea is something that we are continually driven by and, within this, we believe there is a profound link to the psychology of shape. Today I focus on the power of the circle.

power of the circle

To me it is the most psychologically powerful shape and one that is filled with positivity. Technically there is perfection to the circle that is extremely satisfying. To turn our jewellery in a precision lathe, the cylinder must by symmetrically perfect to roll. The cut of the blade touches the metal as it rolls at speed and carves a form that is precise to the nano-degree. This circular accuracy is visually satisfying to the human eye.

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But emotionally the circle goes way beyond ‘perfect’. Perfection is not so possible in humankind, or should I say that it is very much objective, and the circle represents so much more than this emotionally. Many consider the circle to be the symbol for the cycle of life. Some see it as symbolic of Mother Earth. Because of its smooth aesthetic, a circle is extremely pleasing to the eye and generates youthful, happy, and carefree feelings. The lack of sharp angles stimulates calming qualities and encourages balance.

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The circle shape stimulates other relevant subconscious mind-sets too. Connection, community, wholeness, endurance, movement, safety, warmth, comfort and love. All of these are so relevant to right now and will continue to be so as we evolve to the 'new normal' in time to come. Out of 'emergency' comes 'emerge' and I am personally looking to our circular jewellery as a representation of the future: positivity, community, balance and life.

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