Summer Series: Simplicity in daily life

“The more you know, the less you need.” Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia.

Part of our Less-is-More business shift is to integrate the idea of simplicity more. We have been exploring the types of simplicity that can fit into our daily lives easily and effortlessly, and that can really make a difference by doing so. It’s been fun to discover and I thought it would be nice to share a few simple and effective findings.

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Walk in Nature | Where you walk has a genuine impact on you both physically and mentally. It is a fact that walking in green spaces with nature increases creativity and serenity as well as strengthening your immune system. Even in urban environments this is apparent. So, take the scenic route… every time! Observe your surroundings, smell the air as you walk, and really hear the sounds that are around you. This is said to make it more meditative (even if you discuss it with the kids as you go) and ensures you are reconnecting with nature.

Bring green in | The most economical way for us to purify the air in our spaces is add a few plants. Several studies show that they clean the air of toxic vapours as well as reduce stress levels. Consider the plant your main source of decoration! And if you are anything like me there are plenty that are hard to kill. Ones that have survived us so far are Palms, Aloe vera, Pilea, Pothos, Sansevieria and Spider plants.

Open up | Did you know that the air indoors is often more polluted than the air outdoors, because of the numerous chemical products and volatile organic compounds in our houses / workspaces today. It is advised that we open our windows and doors every day for 15 minutes to allow the air to circulate around.

Pollinate | Gardening is good for the soul and is a brilliant way to reconnect with nature, as well as to self-sustain a bit more. Grow herbs to eat fresh and harvest them at the end of the season so you can dry them and use them all year round! Choose flowers that attract pollinating insects (Lavender, Hyssop, Sunflowers, Pansies, Carnations, Nasturtiums…). Without the bees and butterflies, our flowers would never turn to fruit.

Get the essentials | I have explored essential oils for a number of years now. It is everything I love, from nature to alchemy. Their effectiveness and their individual properties are undeniable, whether it be reviving, energising, relaxing, or calming. At home they are in the medicine cabinet and used in their raw drop form, but they can also be used in simple recipes to make quick and easy scents, balms, candles, lotions, detergents and more.

Take a bath | I never understood why my mother enjoyed a bath each evening until I had children myself. That 15 minute of total peace is a mothers ritualistic manoeuvre to get the space she needs! I’ve been recommended to take this further. Add your favourite essential oil, light a candle, and indulge in the moment of peace and calm. This type of activity is proven to reduce stress levels and physically allows your brain to switch off.

Observe | ‘Being present’ is talked about a lot and can sometimes feel hard. Especially when you have deadlines and lists whizzing around your brain, and the never-ending battle with screen time. A good way to ensure you are present is to acknowledge your senses in action. Observe the sounds, smells, sights, tastes, and touches through your day, whether in your mind, or out loud.

Enjoy the rest of August and I hope some of these findings have been useful.

Alice Made This | Signed by Alice