Subtle Statements: Women’s Necklaces

From casual days in town to formal events come evening time, there’s nothing quite like a beautifully considered and well-designed necklace to add the finishing touch to your look. The range of Alice Made This women’s necklaces are all created with the appreciation that no two of us are the same, and also the beauty of imperfection that is often found in natural materials. It’s the combination of using these raw elements with meticulous, precision-turned craft and attention that enables the clean and graphic signature aesthetic. 

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Jewellery is an extremely personal accessory, and when it comes to necklaces, it’s important to find something that resonates with your character and values, in addition to your individual style. Necklaces, especially ones made with time and care, should last a lifetime so it’s important to look for pieces that really represent you. The beauty of AMT is that you’re not only spoilt for choice in terms of styles, but the quality of craft, the materials and the technical engineering provide a timeless aesthetic — what looks good now will look just as relevant in years to come.

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The Forge collection, for example, offers a brutal and yet refined, edgy appeal. They are placed into the forge at approximately 1,200 degrees, then removed and struck using bespoke texture tools, making each piece truly unique. Heat isn’t the only element that AMT embraces, however. Water Casting necklaces use residual silver which is melted down and then dropped into water. The experimentative element of this process once again allows for unique pieces and a zero-waste single cycle. The final form is distinctive and yet subtle, which allows it to work perfectly over a classic t-shirt and jacket as well as a cocktail dress.

Alice Made This | designer jewellery | made in waterAlice Made This | water cast jewellery | silver charm | behind the scenesAlice Made This | water cast jewellery | charm necklaceAlice Made This | water cast jewellery | designer necklace

For pieces that embrace solid, clean shapes, there are a variety of silver, brass and gold necklaces — Ava, Eden, Esme, Dot, Juno and Mia to name but a few — perfect for any outfit, any style, any personality. Anyone.

Alice Made This | precision jewellery | designer rose gold necklaceAlice Made This | precision jewellery | circle necklace

One of the most elegant, intricate, and detailed pieces is the Piccard gold diamond necklace, which combines 9-carat gold with a beautiful Ocean Diamond: a sustainably sourced alluvial diamond, which started its journey to the sea billions of years ago until being artfully uncovered by responsible diamond divers off the coasts of Namibia and South Africa. Whatever your choice, each piece, handmade by AMT, is an extension of the natural materials around us, and designed to become an extension of ourselves. 

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Words - Rikesh Chauhan 
Photography - AMT, Jamie Ferguson, Oliver Martin + Ocean Diamonds.
Models - Marion, Marie,Olivia, Kavya, Becky + Laura.