Personalised women's jewellery

When it comes to jewellery, there is nothing more personal than an engraved piece that expresses your individuality, is simple yet precise and allows you to have some fun with your details. We have designed a collection of pared back pieces, often referred to as minimal designs, that act as a platform for you to elevate with personalisation, creating a unique token to wear for years to come.

personalised women's jewellery | Alice Made This

Tactile and versatile, our ID bracelets and necklaces for women are perfect for injecting your personality into a look while making a subtle statement. Whether you prefer silver, rose gold or gold, or are shopping for a loved one, our collection of personalised women’s jewellery has been specifically designed with space to engrave your initials, memories or messages, creating truly special gifts and considered wardrobe staples. Here we look at some of our favourite ideas for engraving and ways of styling our personalised jewellery, giving you inspiration for wearing your pieces your way.

Engraving ideas for women’s jewellery

Engrave your initials

One of the most classic and timeless engraving choices, by personalising your jewellery with your initials or the initials of your loved one, you can quite literally make your mark on our ID necklaces and bracelets. Own your sense of self and wear your jewellery with confidence, adding just your first initial or your full set of initials to our ID collection. Not only will you look great, but there will be no mistaking who your jewellery belongs to!

personalised women's jewellery | Alice Made This

Personalise with numbers and dates

Want to mark a special date, an anniversary or wear your lucky number? Numbers and dates are great for engraving and ensure that your jewellery is of its time, capturing a particular moment or occasion. This form of personalisation is particularly lovely when marking a special birthday, the birth of a child or a wedding anniversary.

One for luck!

Choosing to engrave your jewellery with a lucky number, special date or a significant message is a brilliant way of bringing a bit of extra luck into your life. Whether you are superstitious or not, jewellery should be both personal and playful so why not experiment with different engraving designs and choose something that will boost your mood?

personalised women's jewellery | Alice Made This

personalised women's jewellery | Alice Made This

Engrave a commemoration

Perhaps you want to commemorate someone close to you or remember someone special? Using your jewellery as a way of commemorating a person or an event is a discreet yet meaningful way of marking your remembrance and having someone special with you. A wonderfully personal gesture, done in a contemporary and tasteful way.

Capture your memories

Have a word, name or place that evokes powerful memories for you? Why not wear it with you every day and have it engraved on one of our ID bracelets or necklaces? That way your personalised jewellery can spark the memory and take you back to those happy moments, giving you a well-deserved moment of escapism.

personalised women's jewellery | Alice Made This

Celebrate positive messaging

We all need a little more positivity in our lives. By personalising your jewellery with words, mottos or mantras that evoke positivity, you can carry your good vibes with you each day, looking at your jewellery whenever you need an extra boost or a reminder of your positive messages. A timeless and elegant pick me up that will leave you looking and feeling great!

Stand for something

Whatever the cause you believe in, whether it be equal rights or climate change, you can use your engraved jewellery to make a stand. Spread your message through your personalised pieces.

Mark your health

Many of our customers use our engraving service as a contemporary way of marking their medical information. Need to know your blood type or let others know that you are diabetic. A personalised bracelet is a stylish way of carrying these details with you.

personalised women's jewellery | Alice Made This

How to wear personalised women’s jewellery

Wearing jewellery everyday

The joy of personalised jewellery like our collection of ID necklaces and bracelets, is that they are simple, versatile and timeless. Whether you are heading to the pub, hanging out with your family or just enjoying some time at home, your jewellery can work for you, whatever the day has in store.

Our Dot bracelets and necklaces for example are centred around a clean, circular token whereas our Charlie bracelets feature a refined metal bar and a pared back black cord. Because of their simplicity, these pieces can become a key part of your everyday wardrobe, adding a touch of interest to everything from a white t-shirt and jeans to a piece of knitwear or a button-down shirt.

Whatever your personal style, material preference or your colour pallet, a piece of personalised jewellery can fit in with your aesthetic and add that little extra touch of identity. By opting for quality over quantity, you can select a couple of key pieces of jewellery that mean something to you and make you feel fantastic when you wear them.

Celebrating their raw materials, our ID bracelets and necklaces let the silver, gold and rose gold details speak for themselves. This means that, whether it’s summer or winter, you can wear our pieces all year round. Layer with a winter knit and a jacket, revealing your jewellery when you get inside, or showcase your pieces in summer with a simple dress or a lightweight top.

Plus, if you are on holiday or away from home for a few days, with our ID collection you’ll only need to take one bracelet or necklace with you to accessorise throughout your break. No more over packing and worrying about what jewellery to take to go with each outfit. The simplicity of our pieces means that they work with any look.

personalised women's jewellery | Alice Made This

Wearing jewellery to work

Sometimes the office doesn’t feel like the right place to express your personality or go bold with your fashion choices. However, we think that you should be able to celebrate your individuality wherever you work or whatever your job, even if that means just adding a subtle little nod to your tastes to your work wardrobe.

With a piece of personalised jewellery, like our Dot necklace for example, you can wear something unique to you, whether you work in a corporate office, remotely or at a start-up.  Available in rose gold, gold or silver, the Dot necklace looks as beautiful worn with a blazer and crisp white shirt and it does with a well-fitting dress. With personalised jewellery you can feel like your true self, whether you are at work or at home, giving you that extra bit of confidence ahead of an important meeting or a big project.

Dressing up personalised jewellery

Not only does personalised jewellery work well with a casual or workwear wardrobe, but it can be dressed up for the evening or those special events as well. Heading to a party, a dinner or going on a date? An engraved necklace or bracelet is a great way of adding interest to your look and standing out from the crowd, while still feeling like yourself.

Graduations, hen dos, festivals or just for a bit of extra luck, personalised jewellery makes a fantastic memento for any special event as well as looking great on those weekly nights out after work or at the weekend.

Our collection of ID bracelets and necklaces coordinate wonderfully with a little black dress, a beautiful blouse or a tailored jumpsuit. Precise and timeless, statement jewellery like this will see you from day right through the night.

personalised women's jewellery | Alice Made This

Personalised jewellery for a wedding

No matter if you are the bride, a bridesmaid or a wedding guest, it is often the clothes and dresses that come to mind first when we think about wedding outfits rather than the jewellery. Sometimes it is more appropriate to wear pared back and minimalist jewellery at a wedding rather than loud, vibrant pieces that can draw too much attention. That’s why personalised jewellery is perfect!

An engraved necklace with your initials, the date or your partner’s initials can be a wonderful, simple way of accessorising your wedding dress while also marking the occasion. As a guest, you can also wear an engraved necklace or bracelet in a metal to match your outfit choice without fear of distracting. You can showcase your personal style while still looking chic. Plus, personalised jewellery is a great memento from the day.

Personalised jewellery gift ideas

Of course, personalised women’s jewellery makes a great treat for ourselves, but it can also make a meaningful gift for our loved ones. With engraved jewellery, you can show someone that you really care by adding that extra thoughtful and personal touch to your gift.

Gift ideas for your girlfriend or wife

Searching for the perfect gift for the special lady in your life? Shopping for a partner can sometimes feel overwhelming, but with personalised jewellery it’s simple. Shopping for Valentine’s Day, her birthday or an anniversary? Engrave their initials, the date of your anniversary or one of your inside jokes onto a bracelet or necklace and you can gift them something that really shows you care. Thanks to our minimalist design aesthetic, you can be sure that she’ll love the piece you choose, and you can opt for her favourite metal as well as your chosen inscription. Plus, she’ll think of you every time she puts it on!

Gift ideas for your best friend

When you’re shopping for your best friend, you want to make sure that you get her something that shows how much you understand her taste and how much your friendship means to you. A piece of personalised jewellery could be just the thing! Consider engraving your nicknames for each other, the name of that song you both love or keep things simple with her initials. Whether you choose a necklace or a bracelet to engrave, you can be sure that she’ll wear your gift for years to come.

personalised women's jewellery | Alice Made This

Gift ideas for your sister

Much like shopping for a best friend, choosing a gift for your sister requires a bit of extra thought and attention to detail. An ID bracelet engraved with a childhood joke or a necklace engraved with her birthday shows that you’ve taken the art of gifting to the next level and spent time considering your purchase. Whether she prefers dressing up or dressing down, you’ll have her back with a piece of personalised jewellery.

Gift ideas for your mum

Mums love it when we show them we care and go the extra mile to choose them something unique. If your mum’s birthday is coming up or you’re searching for something a bit different for Mother’s Day, we recommend engraving one of our ID bracelets and necklaces with a message or memory that will make her smile. Whether your mum is more of a traditional dresser or likes to keep things casual, we have a piece to suit and, with our personalised women’s jewellery, you can make her day whenever she wears your gift, no matter how far away you are.

Gift ideas for bridesmaids

Engraved necklaces and bracelets make fantastic gifts for bridesmaids. You can either buy a selection in the same metal so that your wedding party match or you could mix metals depending on their personal styles or preferred palettes. Why not engrave the pieces with their initials or the date of the big day? That way they’ll have something to mark the day and wear for the years that follow. Personalised jewellery is a great way to show your girls how much they mean to you and how glad you are that they are a part of your wedding.

Our engraving service

Thanks to our complimentary personalisation service and in-house diamond engraving capabilities, you can easily engrave any of the pieces of jewellery from our personalised collection. If you are shopping for yourself, ahead of a special event or for a gift, we can engrave your pieces with your chosen initials, dates or messages to offer you something truly personal. Just look out for ‘engrave me’ on any of our products and don’t forget about our new Dot and Charlie designs!

Of course, our personalised jewellery collection also includes a curation of our favourite designs and signature pieces for men, including cufflinks, ID bracelets and cuff bracelets so the men in your life don’t have to feel left out.

Need more inspiration? You can browse our full collection of personalised women’s jewellery here. You can also follow us on Instagram @alicemadethis to see how we are personalising our pieces and share your looks by tagging your snaps with #alicemadethis.