Personalised Jewellery - Valentines Ideas

Valentines day fast approaching so I thought we'd share a few ideas that could be fun to engrave on our jewellery. Whether literal or more abstract you can engrave a piece to make it even more meaningful. A perfect gift for your loved ones this year. 

Alice Made This | Valentine gift ideas | Personalised jewellery


Letters are the most common type of engraving that we get but these come in all sorts of forms. It could be a single letter of a full set of initials, the letters of your children of a nickname. Letters can also be separated and this can add to the graphic look and feel. dashes, dots, hyphen's, tilde's, forward slashes or vertical bar's can all add to the look.

Alice Made This | Engraving ideas | Letters | Men's Silver Necklace


Numbers can represent a lot of things. Birth, memories, morments, luck, age...They can also be used in a more abstract way... a favourite number or a sum for your family. Being more abstract can make the engraving a personal thing between two people and a little secret message. 

Alice Made This | Valentine Day | Designer Jewellery | Gift Ideas | Letters


A single word can work well. Try something cheeky, positive or mindful. Or it can be a name, place or password between the two of you! Whatever it is for you, never underestimate the power of a single word. It is paired back yet bold! 

Alice Made This | Engraving Ideas | Designer Men's Jewellery


Any kind of quote can make a great engraving. Choose a line from your favourite book or poem, or try some wise words that someone once told you. Other ideas that always work well are words of an artist, a song or lyric, a proverb, or a quote you live by.

Alice Made This | Men's Designer Jewellery | Engraving ideas


We have had a number of engravings that are geo positions or codes of latitude and longitude. This can be a really lovely, subtle way to mark a moment or an adventure. There are a few ways you can write these using different symbols, so have a nose online for the different formats you can choose.

Alice Made This | Engraving Ideas | Jewellery


Finally why not have a play with something more abstract? Try a coded message in Morse Code or come up with a code of your choice. Use the letters, numbers and symbols to create an abstract message and something more discreet.

Alice Made This | Engraved Jewellery | Gift ideas

Any of the ideas above will make a meaningful piece of jewellery for a loved one. Have a play on the product page on the website here. As you write something it will show it in a form of preview for you. Enjoy playing, and feel free to reach out with any questions or ideas, if you would like our thoughts or advice.

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