New Water Cast limited edition collection launch

WATER is a collection of necklaces, chokers, bracelets and earrings formed under water! 

A zero-waste fine silver charm collection made using salvage precious metal from the centuries old wax casting process. Working with our London casting house, Just Castings, we create one off-pieces by water-casting the excess fine silver from their wax casting process.

jewellery made under water | mens necklace
jewellery made under water | women's choker necklace
zero waste jewellery | made in water | sustainable jewellery

The collection derives from the centuries old process of wax casting. Residual silver from the traditional casting process is collected, melted down and dropped into water to create beads to recycle. By experimenting with the water drop process, adapting the height and size of the molten metal droplets that fall into the water, we have influenced the forms created at this stage of the process and use the silver in a zero waste single cycle.

The WATER collection looks at the purity of the liquid form, and the exceptional nature of the process. Every charm that we create has its own unique form and character. Each charm has a beautiful freshwater finish that has a mysterious and calm matte tone to it. The shapes come in a series of nuggets, flats and bubbles that become pearl-esque in their aesthetic. To elevate these individual charms we have paired them with contrasting rich gold chains or fresh two tone rhodium chains.

jewellery made with water | gold and silver jewellery | necklace and bracelet
jewellery made with water | mens silver jewellery | necklaces bracelets earrings
optimistic jewellery | womens necklace bracelet
optimistic jewellery | mens necklace bracelet

“Our inspiration for this collection was ‘the beauty of imperfection.’ We went deep into the ‘brain’ as a micro-theme. We were intrigued by the nature of brain development and how it evolves uniquely to the genetics and to the life story of its owner. We applied this thought process to our making techniques experimenting with the beauty of change. The collection illustrates that you can build something stronger by breaking something down.

Developed through our passion for experimentation and materials, this collection has been uplifting and thought provoking to create this year. Created as a sign of optimism, the WATER collection is made up of individual one-off pieces that have evolved from the centuries-old technique and looks upon it with fresh eyes.” Alice 

optimistic jewellery | women's jewellery
optimistic jewellery | mens jewellery
jewellery water casting | mens bracelets
optimistic jewellery | gold and silver necklace bracelets earrings