The Dot Collection

We are excited to introduce our new Dot Collection, a collection of precision jewellery including cufflinks, dog tag necklaces for men and lapel pins and brooches for everyone!

Bringing up three children in today’s world makes Ed and I ask a lot of questions and try to be good role models doing what we believe to be right, with honesty, integrity and an open heart. This new Dot Collection came from a desire to design something that can be used to communicate messages and boost positivity.

These pieces can be your voice, to message how you want to and to adorn your way. Pin your words loud and proud, wear your words close to your heart or wear your words on your sleeve. However you wear yours, we want you to have your words with you physically, precisely and timelessly.

cufflinks for engraving | Alice Made This

lapel pins for engraving | Alice Made This

pins for engraving | Alice Made This

The collection is available in Aerospace grade stainless steel, brass and 925 silver and we have been inspired by positive messaging to create this series of pared back designs. The jewellery offers a blank canvas for you to personalise with your own messages using our complimentary engraving service.

engraveable lapel pin | Alice Made This

personalised cufflinks | Alice Made This

Working with our British Aerospace factory, each of our new pieces is precision turned or milled and finished with a machined, brushed or mottled finish. Once machined, each piece of precision jewellery is hand worked in our London studio, lapped and sanded to give a clean brushed finish or ground to give a mottled and sketched surface finish.

Each piece can be diamond engraved on demand, offering a beautiful platform for you to get creative with your words.

personalised necklace for men | Alice Made This

engraved silver lapel pin | Alice Made This

Treat yourself or a loved one to a token of appreciation, inspiration, desire or celebration and shop the Dot collection today!

personalised lapel pin | Alice Made This

You can also follow us on Instagram @alicemadethis to see how we are wearing and personalising ours.