Limited Edition Butterfly Collection

We have collaborated with Scottish illustrator Jessica Rose Bird and London patina artist Derek Bayley to develop a collection of jewellery and art that represent life, hope, change and positivity, in the face of adversity. Teaming up with Jess and Derek immediately showed us the value of community and we are proud to donate 100% of the profi­ts to two wonderful charities - Cavell Nurses’ Trust and the Fashion & Textile Children’s Trust.

butterfly collection

This collection is to offer our heartfelt thoughts to every keyworker across the world who is helping us to navigate the enormity of the current situation. Featuring a limited-edition collection of cuf­flinks, lapel pins and brooches, together with three unique art pieces, we have drawn on the butterfly as inspiration to raise funds for two vital charities - Cavell Nurses’ Trust and the Fashion & Textile Children’s Trust.

Whether you are commemorating a life, marking a moment or observing a change in time, these pieces were created to give a little back. We felt a desire to support the community of nurses who are on the frontline right now, and to support the parents from the fashion and textile industry who can benefit by knowing their children can still have the essentials they will need, particularly the freelance community in this space. We hope you enjoy these new pieces. Alice x 

The processes behind the pieces

Each cufflink and pin is precision turned and milled in our aerospace factory in Hertford, UK. Every piece is hand worked, layered, crafted and oxidised using heat by patina artist Derek Bayley, before being individually diamond-drag engraved with Jessica Rose Bird’s beautiful butterfly illustrations. The result is a rich iridescent ­finish, with every piece being completely unique.

butterfly cufflinks pins and brooches

Each of our three unique art pieces begins with a beautiful bronze plate that has been intensively and exquisitely crafted by Derek and Alice in their London studio’s over seven days. Words have been diamond-drag engraved to mark the moment, representing life, endurance, hope and change. These really are 1 of 1's as no two pieces of art can ever be the same. This is the wonderful beauty of the patina process.

patina art | butterfly collectionThe patinas are a beautiful combination of art and science, adding propane heat to recipes containing iron nitrate, titanium oxide, silver nitrate, and iridescent pigments. The words and butterflies are precision engraved and the pieces are sealed with micro-crystalline wax to preserve the complex face and retain the bright engraved artwork on each piece.

butterfly collection process

The charities

Cavell Nurses’ Trust.
Cavell Nurses’ Trust supports UK nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants, both working and retired, when they’re suffering personal or ­financial hardship often due to illness, disability, older age and domestic abuse. From simple, essential support like money to repair a broken cooker or boiler, to vital life-changing aid like helping a family flee their home due to domestic abuse, Cavell Nurses’ Trust is there to help.  @cavell_nt

Fashion & Textile Children’s Trust.
The Fashion & Textile Children’s Trust believes no fashion or textile family should struggle ­financially to meet their child’s basic needs. Putting children and parents at the heart of everything it does, the trust provides ­financial grants to help UK fashion and textile employees buy essential items for their children, when they are struggling to afford them. @ftct1853

the charities | butterfly collection

You can browse the Butterfly Collection here and follow us on Instagram @alicemadethis to learn more about the pieces.