Coastlines. Volume One. Mens cufflinks and bracelets

We are pleased to introduce Coastlines. Volume One, our latest collection of precise and refined cufflinks and cuff bracelets. This collection is born from studying coastal erosion and the process of Attrition, which sees waves causing loose pieces of rock to collide with each other, grinding and chipping while progressively becoming smaller, smoother and rounder.

We have replicated the Attrition process to create new cufflink and men’s cuff bracelet designs, experimenting with bio mimicry through an industrial process called barrelling.


Barrelling is a surface operation which sees raw materials tumbled in a rotating barrel, creating friction as they collide with each other, as well as selected media and compounds. In industry barrelling is used for rounding corners, deburring, grinding, descaling, deflashing, burnishing, polishing and radiusing parts.

We began by barrelling the pieces with British Suffolk coastal beach pebbles and saline solution, before bio mimicking this effect with the appropriate industrial medium, know as a ceramic angle cut tristar. The result is a clean and honest, matte mottled surface finish.


The barrel styles of the cufflinks are inspired by the barrelling process itself, whereas the profiles of the cuff bracelets are soft or softly scalloped to mirror the sea beds as they slowly wear away under the force of Attrition.

Combining the power of nature with the precision of industry, Coastlines. Volume One. takes inspiration from British coastlines, and the waves that shape it, to create an honest collection of refined pieces.


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