How we make your Precision Jewellery

When we launched Alice Made This we were keen to highlight the craft behind the word ‘manufacturing’. This word has so many connotations. People can hear it and react quite flippantly, assuming that products are made quickly and cheaply. We are passionate about showing that this is not the case. There are feats of engineering and crafts that are carefully mastered across our manufacturing industry that are both exceptional and fascinating.

In our world of crazy consumerism and throw away culture, it is more important than ever to focus on materials that are long lasting. In the designs for Alice Made This, we only use versatile and timeless materials to make refined pieces driven by innovation in industry (past, present and future). We want our pieces to elevate our customers’ style and tell a story rather than just fulfilling a quick trend. We want our customers to buy to keep, understanding the processes behind their pieces, rather than just seeing them for what they look like.

We’ve always loved a factory. It’s still a prominent part of our design process, beginning by searching out skilled artists, engineers and businesses that work with interesting materials and techniques. These experts could be individuals who specialise in a post-production technique or a family run business that has built up an industry specialism in a specific sector. It’s incredibly enriching to work with our production teams from inspiration and initial sketches, right through the manufacturing process.

At Alice Made This, we are proud to work with British factories, our first of which was our Aerospace factory and its precision turned metal process that they typically use to manufacture aeroplane parts and components for a whole range of engineering industries. Inspired and informed by industrial processes, we work with expert makers across the country to design products stemming directly from their engineering techniques. Working predominantly with copper, silver, gold, rose gold, brass and steel, our collections are driven by the raw materials and the human elements behind our factory doors.

Whether it’s our Aerospace part manufacturer or our Military armoury, we have close relationships with all our factories and are continually learning from their processes. For example, our Silversmith collection is hand made in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter from solid silver, with each piece hand worked and stamped with the Birmingham Hallmark. Our Formula One cufflinks are bulletproof, harder than steel and have to be cut with diamond impregnated blades. Our Nanotechnology pieces are electroplated with precious metals using a process that is usually reserved for the electronics industry. Behind each piece of Alice Made This jewellery, there is a story, a precise level of technical detail and an engineered simplicity. Learn more and enjoy some behind the scenes shots of our processes below.

If you ever have any questions about our processes or would like to hear more about your individual pieces, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We’d love to tell you more.

copper cufflinks Our Aerospace cufflinks are barrelled using a tri star ceramic stone. This gives a mottled or antiqued effect. This collection was inspired by geo-technical movement and coastal erosion. We have replicated Attrition using this industrial technique.

brass cufflinks Each cufflink is carefully transported on a soft rubber belt after being precision turned at our Aerospace factory.