How to wear the Dot Collection

Put simply, our new Dot Collection is all about you. Inspired by positive messaging and designed for expressing yourself, our cufflinks, lapel pins and dog tag necklaces for men are blank canvases that can be personalised and engraved with your words so that you can wear them your way.

Whether you want to engrave your new pieces with your initials, your favourite motto or special words that hold meaning, you can spread positive vibes and share good memories by choosing our complimentary in-house engraving service.

To give you some inspiration, we have pulled together our favourite ways to wear the new Dot Collection. How will you wear yours?

Wedding ready!

A touch of personalisation is perfectly suited to a wedding. Whether you are a guest, part of the wedding party or getting married yourself, engraved accessories are a meaningful touch.

If you’re a guest then we recommend one of our new Dot lapel pins, engraved with a relevant message to add a bit of playfulness to your outfit. Something like “today is a great day” or appropriate song lyrics or a quote from the ceremony are good examples.

If you’re getting married then a Dot lapel pin with a matching pair of cufflinks, personalised with the date or your initials is a lovely timeless attention to detail. You can also kit out your ushers and groomsmen by gifting them cufflinks or pins, personalised accordingly.

Remember, you can always get in touch with our team in the studio if you’d like to discuss your particular engraving requirements.

wedding lapel pin | Alice Made This

Go casual

Just because you are dressing casually doesn’t mean that you can’t put some extra thought into your accessories. The devil is in the detail after all and our new Dot collection is a beautiful example of how pared back pieces can elevate an outfit.

The brass, steel and silver tones of our new Dot lapel pins complement casual materials like denim and knitwear wonderfully. Wear your pins on a jumper, sweater or casual jacket to inject a bit of your personality and engrave with a variety of words and phrases.

lapel pins for engraving | Alice Made This

Accessorise your favourite jacket

Black bomber and leather jackets have been go-to favourites for personalisation for decades. Whether it’s been patches, pins or badges, these garments are ideal for getting creative with customisation.

We suggest sticking to steel and silver when choosing your pins for a monochrome palette and mixing textures, sizing and finishes to add interest. Once again, you can engrave your pins with phrases and words of your choice, depending on your mood and the message you want to spread.

lapel pins for jackets | Alice Made This

Stack them up

Not only do our silver dog tag necklaces for men create a bold statement when worn on their own, but they look equally as refined when paired with a stack of our silver cuff bracelets. This look really gives you the chance to play around with textures, finishes and weights, choosing different bracelets that work with your necklace. For a simple and contemporary look, you can’t go wrong with these silver accessories and a neutral tee.

stacked cuff bracelets | Alice Made This

Coordinate with your shoes

We’re all about tones and textures here in the Alice Made This studio. We love our Dot silver mottled dog tag necklace for men paired with these C.QP sneakers. A great example of how you can coordinate your accessories with your footwear, tonal matching is a really useful way of creating a precise and minimalist vibe. Less is more certainly rings true here, while still having fun with varying materials and finishes.

silver dog tag necklace for men | Alice Made This

Personalisation for the office

Your work wardrobe is a fantastic opportunity to wear personalised accessories. You may not want to go too bold or stick out from the crowd, but you can make a subtle statement with an engraved lapel pin or a considered pair of cufflinks. For instance, our Dot brass mottled lapel pin looks brilliant again a navy jacket, with the warm, rich tones of the brass setting off the blue beautifully. With a little extra thought while you’re getting ready in the morning, you’ll be heading to work looking and feeling your best.

gold lapel pin | Alice Made This

The simple white tee

We all have one in our wardrobe. The simple white tee is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you can own and is one of the best for layering with accessories. Whether you are heading to the pub with friends or hanging out with your family at the weekend, you can look effortlessly chic by combining your favourite white tee with our Dot silver dog tag necklace for men. So simple and yet so refined.

men's silver dog tag necklace | Alice Made This

Strength in numbers

One Dot lapel pins looks great on their own, but they can also make an impact when clustered together. Got an ‘old faithful’ denim jacket that you’d like to freshen up? Just add a few Dot pins to the lapel and you’re good to go, from a day date right through until the evening. Choose a selection of words and phrases that represent who you are and adorn yourself with them. Personalisation doesn’t get much better than that.

lapel pin on denim jacket | Alice Made This

Add details to outerwear

Sometimes when we direct all of our attention to an outfit and how it fits together, we forget to consider our outerwear. You want to look as stylish walking down the street from one meeting to another as you do when you arrive at your destination. One of the easiest ways to accessorise your outerwear, particularly in Autumn or Spring, is to add a lapel pin to your overcoat. Whether you choose to add one pin or several, they will look beautiful against materials like wool.

lapel pin for overcoat | Alice Made This

That special event

Perhaps it’s a big work meeting, a party or a first date. Whatever the special event that’s penned in your calendar, you’ll want an outfit that has you looking your very best, with a sense of self confidence to match. We find that personalised jewellery can so often be the answer.

Treat yourself to an engraved pair of cufflinks or a personalised lapel pin and the extra thought that you have put into your details is sure to pay off. Not only can you wear a mantra or a word to give you a boost on the big day, but you will have a piece of jewellery to treasure for years to come, reminding you of the occasion.

cufflinks for engraving | Alice Made This

Need more inspiration for wearing our new Dot collection? You can browse the full collection here and follow us on Instagram @alicemadethis to see how we are wearing ours.