Honest, local and responsible

Now, more than ever, it’s important to know where your jewellery has come from. In a time of fast fashion and unnecessary waste, we have always been transparent and open about where our pieces have come from, with our ethos of being ‘honest’, ‘local’ and ‘responsible informing every element of our process.

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Our team, including the factories and artists that we work with, incorporate our values into all aspects of the work that they do, creating timeless and beautifully simple products, with stories of past, present and future.

Here we look into what exactly honest, local and responsible means, as well as the provenance of your pieces, the story of our jewellery before it is gifted, given and worn by you.


Alice Made This ethos | we are honest

Mapping the traceability of our raw materials and working with local businesses is something that we are very passionate about. It also ensure that you as the customer receive an honest and authentic experience. We create products that are socially and environmentally responsible, taking pride in designing, developing, sourcing, producing and crafting locally.

We are proud of the expert techniques and processes that we use, wanting to tell the stories behind our jewellery whenever we can.

By meeting regularly with our suppliers, we are committed to building full transparency of our supply chain down to raw-material level. Whether it’s our Aerospace factory or the patina artist that we work with here in London, our products all have a narrative behind them and have been designed to work with and optimise the process by which they are made.

Our packaging and the metals we use are all recyclable, with our production waste recycled back into the raw materials. We always consider our impact and want to protect our environment in any way that we can, while creating Precision Jewellery that can be worn and enjoyed for years to come.


Alice Made This ethos | we make locally

We are lucky to enjoy great relationships with our factories and our artists and we totally love this part of our work. We love visiting them, collaborating with them and immersing ourselves in their materials, processes and expertise. Often, our designs are informed by our factories and artisans, rather than the other way around.

This means that we are able to be transparent with the sources of our raw materials, having been involved with the process from beginning to end. By observing and working with our makers, we layer the precision of engineering with the beauty of hand work, creating unique accessories and jewellery.

Having respect for all those with whom we work is pivotal at Alice Made This. We are proud to make our product locally, exploring craft and industry that is high quality and that has provenance. This enables us to highlight, celebrate and be inspired by the breadth of talent and innovation that surrounds us – and nothing is more exciting than that.


Alice Made This ethos | our designs are timeless

We are responsible in all that we do and take this very seriously. Our Precision Jewellery is intentionally designed to stay with you through life. We want our pieces to grow with you and become a part of your story.

To achieve this, we work with materials that can be recycled, from inside the walls of our studio all the way through to our packaged product, and work with expert engineers, artists and jewellers who we know personally and share the same values as us. Only by working together so closely can we commit to exceptional craftsmanship and responsible production.

Throughout our collection, we use a number of different processes, exploring materials and techniques to create products that are precise, unique and exquisite. Whichever process we use, we search for true, local experts and our teams have years of experience in honing their craft. This allows us to build strong, honest relationships and results in high quality, beautiful, long lasting products that we hope you will enjoy.

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