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Welcome to the world of AMT. We invite you into a world of precision jewellery, beautiful materials, storytelling techniques and much more. Alice shares her gift ideas with you, together with the reasons why.

"Since launching Alice Made This, we have always searched for more than just a making process. The people, the history of a process, the materials it uses and the why, all act as the inspiration and the information behind the design for each piece of jewellery in our collection. We explore the science and art, trying to bring a fresh approach to everything we work with. We are immensely proud to work with wonderful craftsmanship and engineering. If you are a soul that likes to know where things are made, who makes them, and how they are made, then you are in the right place. Sink in and enjoy some gift ideas that bring a little joy and make it meaningful." Alice

Precision Jewellery

Our precision jewellery can be called our foundation. Working with engineers in Hertford since we began we love the minimal language and graphic feel of engineered metal. Used by the aerospace industry our precision cutting process is clean cut, precise to the nano-degree, and a true feat of engineering in both its materials and its process.

Alice Made This | World of AMT | Christmas | Gift Ideas | Designer Jewellery | Precision Jewellery‘Log Pile’ | World of AMT,  no.9 | Oscar bracelet

Precision engineered as a graphic straight bar, the Oscar is scorched and hand-formed into the cuff shape, then filed, buffed and polished with care and attention.

Bracelets for him

Our cuff bracelets have become quite a signature style for Alice Made This. Whether you like a silver cuff, inspired by the juxtaposed raw and refined style that is Brutalism, or a clean and graphic precision milled copper cuff there are beautiful options to suit both camps. Our chains styles work well as a single style or can stack beautifully with a cuff bracelet too. Go solid bar, zero-waste, marine cord or diamond bling…

Alice Made This | World of AMT | Christmas | Gift Ideas | Designer Jewellery | Bracelets for Him‘Halfpipe’ | World of AMT, no.1 | Bancroft M8 Silver bracelet

Hand crafted in Birmingham by our Silversmith Dave. The stonewashed finish is informed by geotechnical movement along the British coastline.

Water Cast Jewellery

Explore our water cast jewellery. Working with our London casting team we found opportunity in their centuries-old process of traditional metal casting. We use the excess precious metals, and the process by which they are broken down into beads to re-cycle, and tweak the process at this stage to create silver charms that we use across the collection. Creating one-of-a-kind charm bracelets, necklaces and earrings, if you are looking for low footprint and a story of a fun innovative approach, this one is for you.

Alice Made This | World of AMT | Christmas | Gift Ideas | Zero Waste Jewellery | Responsible Jewellery‘Snow Day’ | World of AMT, no.3 | Maya charms

Water cast in North London using a zero-waste process. Residual silver from the traditional casting process is collected, melted down and dropped into water to create beads to recycle. By adapting the height and size of the molten metal droplets that fall into the water, we influence the forms to create our Maya and Bardo jewellery collections. Each charm is 999 fine silver with a freshwater finish. A mysterious calm matte tone created when the molten silver plunges into cold water and solidifies quickly.

The Gift of Diamonds

If you are looking for the less traditional diamond have a nose here. Our Ocean Diamonds are a new collection of beautiful raw diamonds, set in gold, that are wholehearted inspired by the journey of the diamond over millennia. Every diamond is its own feat of engineering in nature - the perfect little Alice Made This stone, handpicked and cared for by the wonderful team at Ocean Diamonds. These are top of my list!

Alice Made This | World of AMT | Christmas | Gift Ideas | Diamond Jewellery‘Guiding Light’ | World of AMT, no.7 | Piccard diamond necklace

Ocean Diamond jewellery. These amazing raw diamonds started their journey to the sea billions of years ago, carried by the rivers and eventually settling in the seabed off the coasts of Namibia and South Africa where they are artfully uncovered by responsible diamond divers. The diamond collection is inspired by this journey. A beautiful and unique story of resilience, quality, responsibility, and nature.

Circle Jewellery

Precision in nature, geometry, maths and reason provide a lot of inspiration to us in the studio and the circle has such wonderful power. A psychologically powerful shape and one filled with positivity. Technically there is perfection to the circle that is extremely satisfying. To turn our jewellery in a precision lathe, the cylinder must by symmetrically perfect to roll. The cut of the blade touches the metal as it rolls at speed and carves a form that is precise to the nano-degree. This circular accuracy is visually satisfying to the human eye. Emotionally the circle is considered to be the symbol for the cycle of life. Some see it as symbolic of Mother Earth. Because of its smooth aesthetic, a circle is extremely pleasing to the eye and generates youthful, happy, and carefree feelings. The lack of sharp angles stimulates calming qualities and encourages balance. 

Enjoy our circular jewellery as a representation of positivity, community, balance and life.

 Alice Made This | World of AMT | Christmas | Gift Ideas | Circular Jewellery‘Skating rink’ | World of AMT, no.4 | Mia pendant

Inspired by geometry and informed by aerospace technology. Precision engineered in Hertford this is cut in aerospace grade brass. Designed as a karmic necklace to symbolise positivity, community, balance, and life.

Personalise your Jewellery

We have enjoyed making jewellery meaningful since we began through our stories of craftsmanship, engineering, materials and inspirations. Nothing however, can be more meaningful than personalisation. To engrave a message and mark a moment on jewellery can make a wonderful gift. A simple treasure and something truly heartfelt.

 Alice Made This | World of AMT | Christmas | Gift Ideas | Personalised Jewellery | Engrave your Jewellery‘The Gift of Giving’ | World of AMT, no.5 | Charlie id bar

Precision engineered, hand polished, and finished with 24 carat rose gold. This Charlie id bar is engraved and assembled to form a bracelet in our London studio using black high-performance cord manufactured in Malvern with our British marine rope makers.

Jewellery for the home

We have created a few pieces beyond jewellery. It is a bit of a mix which we will build on over time, but there is always reason behind these items. Whether you are after some brilliant signed illustrations that support our Youth Programme or something for the table centre,  we some lovely gift ideas here too.

 Alice Made This | World of AMT | Christmas | Gift Ideas | Home Decor‘Ice-climb’ | World of AMT, no.6 | Copper pot

Celebrating a material that is normally tucked away on the inside of a rocket, an aircraft and on other engineering feats. Copper is a powerful element used by ancient civilisations. It has antibacterial qualities, is positively sustainable, and makes beautiful objects.

Forged Jewellery

Another collection that I am currently in love with is our Forged jewellery. A mix of necklaces, cufflinks and earrings, these are hand crafted in Farnham using the age old art of the Blacksmith. Inspired by imperfection these are hand-worked as silver and gold piece, to look fluid and malleable. They answer to the title 'imperfection' as something that should be celebrated as the joy of individuality.

Alice Made This | World of AMT | Christmas | Gift Ideas | Forged Jewellery‘Winter Workshop’ | World of AMT, no.8 | Willard necklace

Hand Forged in Farnham by blacksmith Vincent Jack. Each piece is heated to 1200ºC and red hot. Crafted with techniques dating back to 1500BC, raw metals are hand worked to look fluid, malleable, and organic. Inspired by imperfection and created to celebrate individuality.

A Gift with a Cause.

The AMT Youth Programme has been running for a full year! It has gone so quickly and we have had a wonderful year. Young Creatives have enjoyed meeting and doing Work Experience with us and our Partners. Each young creative has benefitted from seeing amazing businesses at work and meeting the variety of  creatives in each business. They have all received £500 grants in the form of creative equipment or resources to further their passions, and have come together to form the AMT alumni that will continue and grow year on year. We are excited by year two. AMTYP has been made possible by the generosity of you, our customer, and we have created some more products that donates their profits to the programme. Explore the art and jewellery in support of AMTYP and give a gift with a lovely story and a wonderful cause. ❤️

 Alice Made This | World of AMT | Christmas | Gift Ideas | AMT Youth Programme | Gifts with Cause‘Santa’s Billboard” | World of AMT, no.13 | The AMT Youth Programme. Illustration by Ngadi Smart

Earrings for her

Earrings, I believe, are the simplest way to elevate style and give you an immediate mental lift. Wear the same pair with loungewear one moment, and the little black dress the next, and it immediately adds effort, effortlessly, to your look. Go big with our large hoops or small with our water cast and Ocean Diamonds studs. 

 Alice Made This | World of AMT | Christmas | Gift Ideas | Hoop Earrings‘Chair lift’ | World of AMT, no.2 | Dot silver & large gold hoop earrings

Precision engineered in Hertford. The proportions are inspired and informed by precision in nature.

Gift Shop

Diamonds are a lovely gift idea for a woman in your life. Pair this with the power of a circle, design wise, and it’s a win win! Beyond (and including) diamonds, I have curated a series of Gifting pages for you to make life a little easier when searching for some jewellery this season.

Alice Made This | World of AMT | Christmas | Gift Ideas | Gift Shop | Designer Jewellery‘Ho Ho Ho’ | World of AMT,  no.10 | Bancroft diamond necklace

Beautifully raw, freshly picked from the ocean, untouched and natural. Based in Cornwall, Ocean Diamonds is a leading specialist in marine diamonds, working with skilled divers and expert artisans to consciously source and carefully certify one of nature’s most precious gifts – the diamond. Each raw diamond is loosely placed into our pendant mould. Wax is pressure blasted into the mould trapping the diamond as it fills the space. Each piece is cast slowly and expertly with the diamond in place, paying homage its journey through the jewellery.

 Alice Made This | World of AMT | Christmas | Gift Ideas | Designer Jewellery | Gift Box‘Santa’s helpers” | World of AMT,  no.11 | Alice Made This Gift boxes.

Every piece of jewellery from Alice Made This comes in a beautiful gift box. As a design team we put as put onus on the experience and box design as we do with the jewellery. Enjoy exploring our collection in the knowledge that both the jewellery, and the way in which it is delivered to you, is a design-led, personable & precise process. We have a wonderful team at the warehouse and our delivery support is efficient and careful. Explore our shipping deadlines to ensure your pieces arrive in good time this season…

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