Faces of AMT. A conversation with our metal caster, Theo

Meet Theo, the next in our Faces of AMT series which sees us telling stories of the people behind the British industrial processes and factories we work with to produce our refined collections. Working at Just Castings, the family owned casting house in Hatton Garden, Theo is responsible for all things front of house – upholding the excellent customer service and dedication to craft that they are known for – as well as maintaining the brand tone of voice and brand strategy. In possession of a Royal Warrant, Just Castings have created bespoke pieces for musicians, actors, entrepreneurs, collectors and more, completing projects ranging from restoration work at the palace, the FA cup and some of our cast pieces here at Alice Made This. Today we talk to Theo about his role at the front of the workshop and what he loves about the trade.


"I generally manage the office, but we kind of get stuck into everything here”, Theo tells me, “Until about 7 years ago I was doing more technical and IT related work, but now I look after what happens front of house here.”

“This is the family business so I’ve naturally progressed into it,” he continues. “The partners who own this place are Leo and George. Leo is my uncle and I’ve known George since I was ‘yea high’ anyway. They are brothers in law so it’s very much a family business. I’m the third generation!”


"In terms of what I like about the trade, I love the people - straight off the bat. I like the way people tackle projects. Everyone here wants to approach things very ethically and all source locally where they can keep control. They understand that it’s important to have creativity in their craft rather than just going through a process and handing stuff out to people – rather than leaving someone to randomly design things behind the scenes.”

Photography by JKF Man