Empowering jewellery. Why hoop earrings make the perfect gift.

As seen in Vogue. "Earrings that will outshine your face mask!"

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Hoop earrings are one of the oldest accessories in human existence and are considered a statement of unity and strength. They have been around a very long time and were worn abundantly by ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians. What began as a way to identify tribal members soon evolved into symbols of religion and power within societies.

Egyptian men and women both flaunted gorgeous hoops on their ears. They believed earrings enhanced a person’s beauty. Royal Egyptians wore heavy, large or thick gold hoops to symbolise their wealth and power.

Ancient Roman and Greek’s embraced hoop earrings. Predominately worn by women hoop earring were also worn by men with high social status. In ancient Persia, carvings depict soldiers wearing a single hoop earring in each ear.

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Today hoop earrings are much more inclusive and continue to be timeless and iconic. But, they are also so much more than this. Historically earrings are a sign of identification. Hoops are empowering and symbolise strength in their circle shape, showing unity, infinity, and wholeness. These attributes makes them a lovely gift idea and offer you lovely story to tell about who, why, when, what and how you are gifting.  

In addition hoop earrings are a lovely self-purchase idea! Hoop earrings are bold. They draw attention to your face and work as well with a casual look as they do with a formal one. Whether you have an on-screen team meet or an outside occasion or event it seems that the hoop can elevate and empower… That is my kind of jewellery!

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Photography: Jamie Ferguson