Couples in Business. Alice Made This

Over the last few weeks we've spoken about refined products from shoes and leather accessories, to beer and bread, learning about the couples behind the businesses and how they work together. It's been interesting to draw comparisons between the partnerships we have interviewed and how our own studio runs. Alice, with her background in product design, takes the creative lead whereas Ed, with his experience in the City, offers a cool business head paired with sales know-how.

We've heard how separate skill sets can create a harmonious balance and how couples working together need to make time to be a couple and put the work down. Alice and Ed would be the first to say that these points also apply to the running of Alice Made This. A complimentary role split, as well as dedicated family time, means that we are able to continue to produce our precise and honest collections. 

To draw our Couples in Business series to a close, Alice and Ed have chosen a selection of 'his and hers' products to celebrate the couples we have learnt about and reflect the balanced partnerships they have described. We hope you have enjoyed getting to know the teams behind some of the businesses we admire. 

Alice Made This

Rose gold necklace | Copper cufflinks | Copper lapel pin | Alice Made This

Brass necklace | Brass belt | Alice Made This