Colour Cufflinks. How to wear colour this season.

According to the editors at Fashion Beans, with tailoring, 2020 is the year that ‘anything goes’! “It seems that designers still believe in tailoring’s unmatched ability to raise a man’s style game”. And, at Alice Made This, we couldn’t agree more!

GQ has also stated ‘a return to elegance’ as its number one trend for 2020 and has said that ‘tailoring is back – and back in a big way”. This year, it seems that labels are bringing back classic tailoring and reworking it by creating new silhouettes, interesting layering options and statement suits that shout louder than ever before.

Colour is also very present. Being bright and confident with your colour palette is very 2020.  To inspire you a little, we have pulled together a few looks for you, offering an array of rich colours to complement our new Magpie patina cufflinks.

Our Magpie cufflinks are colourful, layered and perfect for pairing with your statement suits. Hand-finished by London-based patina artist Derek Bayley, they are a true combination of art and chemistry. Specific chemical combinations are expertly layered onto the raw metal base of each cufflink before they are oxidised through atmospheric exposure to achieve the deep and lustrous coloured finish. The vibrant colour palette of the cufflinks is inspired by the shades of a magpie’s feather. 

This week we have paired our ‘cuff-sized’ artworks with plenty of beautiful suits and stand-out looks from brands including Canali, Corneliani, Ermenegildo Zegna, Comme des Garçons, Dior, Etro, Richard James, Boglioni, Oliver Spencer, Paul Smith, Gieves & Hawkes, Dries van Noten and more. We hope they inspire you to be bright and wear your cufflinks your way.

Our Bayley Sage green cufflinks are formed from a recipe of Potassium Sulphide, Iron Nitrate and Copper Nitrate. Sage is not only one of the most wearable shades you can have in your wardrobe, but it is the shade of the season. Try a beautiful sage two-piece suit or an eye-catching sage mac – either would look amazing with our sage patina cufflinks.

sage green cufflinks | Alice Made This

According to colour psychology, Teal represents trustworthiness, reliability and spiritual advancement. Noted as a colour to watch out for in 2020, teal comes in a variety of shades. Our Bayley Teal blue cufflinks feature Copper Nitrate and have a particularly beautiful complexity to them. Not to mention, they are Alice’s self-confessed favourite!

teal blue cufflinks | Alice Made This

As a shade of purple, Amethyst can have calming effect over the mind and nerves. It can be uplifting while also triggering creativity. Bright purple can also be considered regal and associated with richness. We suggest going for a full outfit or just adding a small, but powerful, punch on your sleeve. Our Bayley Amethyst purple cufflinks are made from a recipe of Titanium Oxide and are the ideal finishing touch.

amethyst purple cufflinks | Alice Made This


Did you know that black tie shouldn't actually be black, but rather midnight blue? In fact, black only became the go-to for formalwear after Queen Victoria went into mourning for Prince Albert. Often midnight blue looks blacker than black itself and, when paired with considered textures and accessories, makes for a refined formal look. We recommend trying embroidery, two toned looks and adding even more depth to your outfit with our Bayley Quink blue black patina cufflinks. The deep finish created from their recipe of Potassium Sulphide and Copper Nitrate results in the perfect attention to detail.

quink blue black cufflinks | Alice Made This

Globally, blue is the colour that people love the most. It is often viewed as non-threatening and can be deemed a more traditional choice. Blue also calls to mind feelings of calmness or serenity, frequently being associated with peacefulness, tranquillity, security, and order. With this in mind, our Bayley Prussian blue cufflinks, with their recipe of Copper Nitrate and Titanium Oxide, make for a reliable wardrobe staple!

prussian blue cufflinks | Alice Made This

Need more inspiration? You can browse our full collection of cufflinks here and follow us on Instagram @alicemadethis to see how we are styling our patina cufflinks.