Clean and Considered: Men’s Necklaces

There’s something exciting about clothing and accessories that you don’t often notice at first glance — whether that’s down to discretion of how it’s styled, or the minimalistic approach to its design. It’s these things, funnily enough, that actually really showcase and highlight the attention to detail. There’s a saying I love that goes, “a man should look as if he had bought his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care, and then forgotten all about them.” When someone takes time to consider what they wear, and how they wear it, it’s very rare for them to look anything other than, well, awesome. One of our favourite elements to incorporate into looks is jewellery that makes a statement without showing off. It’s creative design and engineering that highlights an overall aesthetic, and more importantly, works with yours.

Alice Made This | precision jewellery

Alice Made This men’s necklaces do just that. The raw materials combined with precision of manufacturing and intelligent design enables these necklaces to look good however you wish to wear them — whether that’s tucked underneath a casual jumper or on top of your favourite t-shirt.

Alice Made This | precision jewellery | men's designer necklace

For something with a truly unique story, the Bardo necklace which comes in large or small sizes is inspired by ‘the beauty of imperfection’, and made using Water Casting — a derivative of the age-old process of Lost Wax Casting. I’ve always loved the idea of paying homage to old school techniques that have been doing the job for centuries. It’s the beauty of quality craftsmanship that allows things to stand the test of time. And if you’re going to buy something, it’s nice to know that it’ll last a lifetime and then some.

Alice Made This | designer jewellery | made in waterAlice Made This | zero waste jewellery | made in water | sustainable jewelleryAlice Made This | water-cast-jewellery | sustainable jewellery

The Forge collection, meanwhile, draws on traditional blacksmithing techniques dating back to as early as 1500 BC. You don’t often see silver and gold combine but when it does happen, it’s worth paying attention to. The Sidney, Rae and Joyce necklaces — created in collaboration with talented forger Vincent Jack — combine these beautiful, raw metals in a way you won’t find elsewhere. The ability to create something unique, hand-crafted and genuinely pretty cool, is something AMT have spent years aiming to achieve. Think of it as a sort of art-meets-science-meets-art. By striving for only the best materials, people, techniques and expertise, these necklaces are worth championing as the statement piece of your look. 

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Proportion, length and design elements all factor into how I’d suggest wearing a necklace. The pendant chains would be a little lost when tucked underneath a chunky jumper for example, and the simpler chains can often look overpowered if they are too thin and long.

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Dog tag and ID necklaces are often best suited to contemporary and street styles, through their design and inherent, almost edgy, characteristic. Be it silver or gold, these necklaces work best against solid colours.
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Words - Rikesh Chauhan 
Photography - AMT + Jamie Ferguson + Jane Looker