Studio Favourites: Behind the scenes at TAG Farnborough

Last week we launched the Midas collection, a selection of our signature Aerospace cufflinks, lapel pins and shirt studs electroplated in 22 carat gold and rose gold finishes to offer warm, polished details. The first British industrial process that we worked with, our Aerospace factory sees us precision turning solid bars of metal into precise accessories using techniques usually used to make aeroplane parts. Celebrating the raw materials and engineering methods that form the foundations of our Midas collection, TAG Farnborough was the ideal location for our latest shoot - juxtaposing refinery and industry, Aerospace technologies and geometric architecture, base metals and our 'Midas touch'. 

TAG Farnborough is a 770 -acre airport that covers 8% of Rushmoor, Hampshire. Dedicated to business and aviation, TAG is the site of the first powered flight in Britain with Samuel Cody taking off in the British Army Aeroplane No. 1 there on the 5th October 1908. Having been nominated for Building of the Year and designed by Reid Architecture and Buro Happold, the airport's control tower, hangar unit and terminal building are examples of clean design and honest structures. 

Throughout its long aviation history, from housing His Majesty's Balloon Factory at the start of the 20th century to operating under the MoD until 2003 and being used as the location for Inception in 2010, TAG Farnborough represents British industry at its finest.

The balance between Aerospace innovation and contemporary architecture made TAG Farnborough the ideal destination for our Midas shoot. Here are a selection of behind-the-scenes photos from the day, highlighting the clean geometry of the airport and the striking backdrop it created. 


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