An Ultimate Essential: Women’s Bracelets

When people say the simplest things are often the hardest to perfect, there is good reason for it. Alice Made This’s collection of women’s bracelets embody that maxim — clean, minimal and precision-made pieces using natural, raw materials inspired by geometry and its proportion with nature, all the while being informed by aerospace. Safe to say, then, that they’re not just any bracelets.

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Bracelets have a beautiful way of showcasing personality, style and flair, no matter how reserved or bold. There’s a wide range of styles that perfectly compliment your character, and even more so when you mix and match the bracelets by stacking them together.

Alice Made This | precision jewellery | stacked braceletsAlice Made This | stacked bracelets | mixed material jewellery

Handmade in England, the women’s bracelets are created through material-led design and engineering, using techniques that hark back centuries. From gold, silver, rose gold, copper and brass, the bracelets then take on various shapes, sizes and styles. For sleek appeal, you won’t go wrong with the Anning, Oscar, Lapworth or Change bracelets.

Alice Made This | gold designer braceletAlice Made This | silver designer braceletsAlice Made This | precision jewellery | gold designer braceletAlice Made This | change bracelets | crafted silver bracelet

If, however, you want something especially unique, the Water collection is a worthy addition. Each charm that adorns the bracelet is created in Water Casting — a derivative of Lost Wax Casting — forming its own unique character. A calming matte tone is created when the molten silver plunges into cold water. 

Alice Made This | crafted jewellery | made in London | water cast jewelleryAlice Made This | charm bracelet | water cast jewelleryAlice Made This | charm bracelets | water cast jewellery

The ability to create pieces that are elegant and delicate to robust and hard-wearing is all part of the Alice Made This charm offensive. The cord bracelets, for example, are precision-milled by engineers in England and made from aerospace grade brass. In addition to this, the cord itself is high performance, and manufactured in Malvern with British marine rope makers.

Alice Made This | diamond charm bracelet | ocean diamondsAlice Made This | ocean diamonds | charm bracelets

On the other side of the style spectrum, Alice Made This offers a beautiful range of gold diamond bracelets, inspired by the journey of the Ocean Diamond. All the diamonds are responsibly hand-picked, and the collection celebrates the movement of these unique diamonds from the earth’s crust to the ocean bed. The respect and appreciation for nature and all it has to offer is something that AMT truly embodies, and their bracelets are designed to ensure you stay connected with your surroundings — wherever in the world you may be. 

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Words - Rikesh Chauhan 
Photography - AMT + Jamie Ferguson