Alice Made This X Esquire

Studio AMT has designed an exclusive pair of cufflinks and a cuff bracelet in collaboration with Esquire. This week we’re excited to introduce the Bayley Esquire blue cufflinks and the Alexander brass bracelet as part of the Esquire Edit, available exclusively online here at Alice Made This following the launch at the Esquire Townhouse last week.

AMT X Esquire | Alice Made This

Bayley Esquire blue cufflinks

The Bayley Esquire blue cufflinks are precision turned in solid brass and artistically hand decorated with London based patina artist Derek Bayley. Exclusively matched to the Esquire blue, the colour palette is directed by ancient patina techniques and generated by a combination of Potassium Oxide, Titanium Oxide, Cobalt and Prussian Blue. Working with Derek to create a unique reaction and colour, these cufflinks have been oxidised through atmospheric exposure and expertly layered by hand to create a complex and beautiful surface finish.

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AMT X Esquire | Alice Made This cufflinks

Alexander brass bracelet

The Alexander brass cuff bracelet is precision turned by a British factory that specialises in manufacturing parts for the Aerospace industry. Machined in solid brass, the pared back design is hand formed and polished into its elliptical shape. It can be perfectly fitted by gently pulling apart or pinching together.

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AMT X Esquire | Alice Made This cuff bracelet

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