Alice's Gift List this Christmas.

Every year I get asked questions about good gift ideas from our collection. So this year I have pulled together a quick gift pick list for you in case you would like some tips this Christmas.
 A Copper Gift.
Alice Made This | Christmas Gift Ideas | Copper Jewellery
I’m a big copper fan so will always suggest any of our copper jewellery as a great gift. It’s warm, rich and unique, and is a feat of science and nature combined. It also has antimicrobial properties and aside from gold, copper is the only metal in the periodic table that’s colouring isn't naturally silver or grey. Perhaps most intriguing of all is how copper is said to help to alleviate joint pain. Although it’s not fully understood why, some claim that copper is involved in vitamin C metabolism and the synthesis of collagen, a structural protein in bones and joints. A lovely gift for the healthy souls.
Something More Personal.
Alice Made This | Christmas Gift Ideas | Personalised Jewellery
If you would like some jewellery to go that little bit further, then try engraving a piece. Our personalised collection of jewellery allows you to write a personal message and make it even more sentimental. I love the Dot tag necklace and wear this myself a lot. Designed to be a contemporary take on the id tag it makes a meaningful gift.
Hot hot hot!
Alice Made This | Christmas Gift Ideas | Forged Jewellery
With the consistent rumble of uncertainty over the last few years, life can be tough both physically and mentally. Our Forged collection not only reflects strength, resilience, and the ability to accommodate change, it also illustrates the beauty in imperfection and change.
A Different Take on Colour.
Alice Made This | Christmas Gift Ideas | Patina Jewellery
As a principle, our colours are taken from our materials. We even manage to weave some brighter colours in using the power of science. Our patina pieces are created by activating a chemical reaction on the surface of our brass jewellery. It’s cool, unique, and is a lovely gift idea for the artist and the scientist.
Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.
Alice Made This | Christmas Gift Ideas | Gold ewellery
Well just the gold actually! As an independent business gold jewellery is quite a feat for us to produce. We do it in very small batches and it is as precious to us as it is to you. Choose from stand-alone gold jewellery or enjoy our Ocean Diamond pieces, with raw diamonds enveloped in gold.
Something to share.
Alice Made This | Christmas Gift Ideas |  Designer Necklaces
All of our jewellery can be worn by everyone. Our Necklaces in particular are all one size and look as great on both men and women. Gift something you can wear yourself and it’s a double win!
Extra Special Christmas.
Alice Made This | Christmas Gift Ideas | Limited Edition Jewellery
Finally, for someone that has most things, a limited edition is always welcome. We have done some teeny tiny batches of limited-edition jewellery for both him and her.
The Christmas Bonus!
All orders between now and Christmas will receive one of our Farrin Key rings.
Alice Made This | Christmas Gift Ideas | Free Gift | Designer Jewellery