Studio Projects: Alice Made This for Style for Soldiers

Introducing a special collaboration between Alice Made This and Style for Soldiers. Reversible machined steel cufflinks, designed and made with the greatest care and attention, are accessories to remember the past and embrace the future.



We are thrilled to announce that we have worked with Style for Soldiers founder, Emma Willis, to design and produce an exclusive collection of precise cufflinks to accompany soldiers in their future careers. Pieces of steel are fine-tuned using CAD systems to accommodate high tolerance measurements and turned on an automated lathe from a solid bar, a process typically used to engineer aeroplane parts. 

The collection includes a hard, bold and industrial cufflink with a clean machined flat face - perfect for everyday wear, portraying confidence, strength balance and stability - and an elegant dome shape with a polished finish - ideal for an occasion and offering care, support and compassion.

Style for Soldiers began in 2009 when bespoke shirt maker Emma Willis began visiting Headley Court Military Rehabilitation Hospital to measure the servicemen for a well-fitting, comfortable shirt made in the finest luxury Swiss cottons, as gift for their great courage and sacrifice. While chatting and measuring Emma realised that despite often life changing injuries a young man from the Military wants to get back into smart clothes as soon as possible, takes great pride in his appearance, and always aims high choosing inevitably double cuffs for cufflinks on shirts. This inspired Emma to design a regimental orthopaedic black ebony walking stick, with an engraved silver band, to give to those needing them. Now M&S provide suits, James Lock hats, Russell and Bromley shoes, The London Sock Company socks and Alice Made This cufflinks. Style for Soldiers holds reunion parties throughout the year for the servicemen and their families, most notably the Christmas Party in London.



Our founder, Alice Walsh, says of the collaboration: 

"It is such an honour to design and develop some cufflinks for this wonderful charity. Having grown up with a father, grandfather and uncle in the British Army, I view the British Military as best in class. Style for Soldiers struck a cord with Alice Made This, sharing our ethos of British made and adding a detail to make a difference to a man’s confidence. After meeting with Emma, I felt compelled to get involved and support her in her mission.  The design process has been an absolute pleasure and great fun. I have been humbled and inspired by the process and I look forward to this being the start of a long relationship with Style for Soldiers."



Learn more about Style for Soldiers here

Photography by JKF MAN