A thank you to our retailers

It all began with Mr Porter. Alice sent Jeremy Langmead one of the first six pairs of Alice Made This cufflinks with a note about our story and our values. Two days after we launched our website, Jeremy’s two accessories buyers invited Alice to Mr Porter HQ to discuss the collection and pricing. It’s a meeting that we will never forget. We started our journey into retail, went exclusive with Mr Porter for 3 months and are proud to still be working with the team today – over 5 years on.

Now, with a stockist list that we are immensely proud of, we have wonderful retailers all over the world – all supporting British industry, highlighting provenance and telling the stories of brands they find interesting. Today we hear from three of our overseas retailers about their stores and why they chose to stock Alice Made This. A big thank you to them and all of our refined retailers for their continued support. Be sure to pay them a visit if you are nearby to see our pieces in the ‘flesh’.


Brooklyn Tailors

Based in Brooklyn, New York (surprise!), Brooklyn Tailors are our first US retailer after Mr Porter and have just been voted in the ‘Top 25 best new stores in the world’ by GQ US. We are super excited to be part of their wonderful brand curation – huge congratulations on your well-deserved accolade guys!

“We chose to carry Alice Made This at Brooklyn Tailors because our two brands share a common goal of making formal clothing not only relevant, but exciting, for a new younger generation of men.   Men are no longer required or pressured to dress up in the workplace or for many other occasions where they once did.  Because of that freedom and flexibility, the act of "dressing up" no longer feels like a dull obligation.  Rather, we've seen this younger generation of men feel more excited to dress up more, not because they have to, but because they want to.  Brooklyn Tailors, both as a brand and a retailer, has worked to curate clothing and accessories for that man, and Alice Made This' accessories perfectly embody that identity and character, with their clean, modern aesthetics, and understated minimalism.”

Care of Carl

Creating a Scandinavian clothes experience, Care of Carl has curated a refined selection of precise brands that embody the simplicity, minimalism and functionality of Scandinavian design. We are delighted to be a part of their vision.

“We found a very unique product-range that we felt was missing in our assortment. Both Alice and Ed gave a genuine personal treatment and we felt that both company’s core-values matched”

Crane Brothers

Contemporary tailors Crane Brothers bring a clean and honest menswear collection to New Zealand and Australia. Murray Crane has become something of a mentor to us now, always offering incredibly straightforward and on point advice – with a pinch of rock and roll!

“The appeal of AMT, for me personally, lies in its precision and repatriation of industrial techniques and materials. Complexity disguised as simplicity.”