A piece of motherly wisdom

It’s widely accepted in the Alice Made This team that our mums know best. From love and friendships, to career advice and home life, our mums are there to dust us off when we fall in the dirt and reassure us that things aren’t all that bad. With such warm, intelligent and positive role models, we’re looking forward to treating them next weekend and letting them know how much they’ve helped us along our ways. Here are just a few pieces of motherly wisdom that have been imparted to us over the years, paired with a selection of precise and refined gift ideas for her.


- Love yourself and others with all your heart

- Don’t have a bubble bath during a storm

- Manners are free

- Take care of your siblings. They are the friends you will have for life.

- Soap is cheap. Really cheap

- The people you choose to surround yourself with are a reflection of who you are

- Say yes as much as you can (within reason)

- Buy quality over quantity and take pride in your things

- Pick your battles

- It’s nice to be nice



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