Studio Favourites: Behind the scenes with Oscar Alexander

Oscar Alexander is an internationally published hair and makeup artist with a striking portfolio and an eye for precision. Born in Stockholm, Oscar is known for his intense looks and his experimentation with both the avant-garde and the natural. Our new Midas collection celebrates gold tones - playing with reflections, light and material warmth - and so, to complement our new pieces, we asked Oscar to style the hair and makeup for the accompanying Midas shoot. Today, we talk to Oscar about his personal style, perceptions of male grooming and how he added just the right highlights to the latest Alice Made This shoot.


“My personal style changes slightly from day to day,” Oscar tells me, “but in general you will see me all in black. I like long draped things, Rick Owens and the like. The style of my work again adapts to the needs of my client, but I always make sure things look current (unless it’s specifically not supposed to). I love doing done-undone looks, but also perfect glossy hair- and anything in between and above!

“I guess my Scandinavian heritage will always draw me towards minimalism, but I’ve been inspired by so many different places and cultures. History has played a big part in my life and this is definitely reflected in my work and inspirations.  London in itself is such an amazing mix of people, cultures and heritages that you can always find something to be inspired by. And, in the end, London has been the ‘creator’ city when it comes to many underground cultures and scenes that have resulted in the trends and creativeness that have then inspired the rest of the world.”


The balance between Oscar’s upbringing in Stockholm and his current work in London is evident in his styling. A foundation of simplicity and understated detail paired with a willingness to push boundaries and innovate. Similarly to our designs at Alice Made This, Oscar takes clean raw materials and expert techniques, refining them into contemporary looks and an honest aesthetic. I wonder whether gold is a tone he usually favours and selects as a basis for his looks.

“On a professional level, I love gold tones”, he says. “Golds and rose golds work fantastically when it comes to make up. Warming a face up, creating highlights, definition, making it subtle, making it glamorous - you name it.”

“Details and finishing touches are super important and can make or break the look. It can be a very fine line when it comes to too much or too little. But, even with something super minimalist, having a tiny detail in the sticking makes it interesting. Details don’t always have to scream. Take Burberry at LFW - for both men’s and women’s. Their new collection was fantastic, keeping in line with the heritage but changing it up completely.


This considered and selective take on styling is also at the core of Alice’s approach to design - first identifying the appropriate materials and industrial processes for the job and then designing accordingly. Alice Made This was founded to create objects of desire, highlighting British manufacturing methods and traditions while offering both men and women the opportunity to own quality accessories and create their own unique statements. I finish by asking Oscar whether a man’s willingness to experiment with accessories, such as a geometric pair of cufflinks or an elegant lapel pin, is mirrored in the modern day attitude towards male grooming.

“Men feel more comfortable with caring for themselves now,” Oscar explains. “Guys experiment with their hair, take care doing it, get facials, have their eyebrows done, and go for waxing and mani/ pedis. It’s normal and it’s good! Why shouldn’t you take care of yourself? Even using a bit of concealer is not a taboo anymore. I’ve had many guys on set that just keep their ‘face on’ when they leave. I remember one model once, when I asked him if he wanted me to clean his face before he left, saying ‘No, why would I, you’ve made me look better and it looks like I’m not wearing anything - I’m going out tonight!”

Learn more about Oscar Alexander here and see his hair and makeup for our Midas collection here.