September 10, 2015

Introducing the new Geometry collection from Alice Made This. A clean and refined hardware collection sees us working with our Aerospace and Nanotechnology factories and is inspired by primary shapes, geometric forms, architectural silhouettes, and the graphic line. 

The belts, bracelets, cufflinks, lapel pins and key rings use machined and polished finishes, in signature metals, together with soft leather tones to offer a considered and precise aesthetic.

Three approaches inform the new Geometry collection:


Copper bracelet | Alice Made This


Buckles are precision milled and turned from solid blocks of copper, brass and steel into a geometric silhouette. Once cut, the hardware is barreled, cleaned, filed and hand finished to achieve a high polish.

Steel belt | Alice Made This


Rings are precision turned from solid blocks of copper, brass and steel into primary forms. The rings have a clean, machined finish.

Brass key ring | Alice Made This


Graphic profiles are precision turned from solid bars of copper, brass and steel. Once cut, handcrafted techniques include, filing, annealing, forming and polishing. The pieces are developed into a series of cufflinks, pins and cuff bracelets offering design details such as reversible shapes, profile plays and medicinal material values.

Rhodium cufflinks | Alice Made This

Working with a British leather manufacturer from the Midlands, and using 100% vegetable-tanned Italian leather, the hardware is developed into belts, bracelets and key rings.

The Geometry collection is now available for pre-order. Orders placed now will be dispatched at the end of October. Please email for more details.