2021 Guide to Women’s Jewellery

Women’s jewellery covers a whole host of bases. From necklaces and rings, to earrings and brooches, there are no shortage of options when you’re looking for that new wardrobe staple or a gift for the special woman in your life. So where do you start? To make things simple, our team has pulled together the 2021 Guide to Women’s Jewellery, covering the key pieces to consider, ways to wear them and the top trends that will not only work for this year, but for years to come. Timeless, minimalist and refined, you’re sure to find the perfect piece to suit you, that you can dress up or dress down your way.

Types of women’s jewellery to consider:

Statement necklaces:

statement necklaces | Alice Made This

Every woman needs a go to necklace in their arsenal. A piece that makes them feel confident, strong and that goes with anything. From engraved pieces and colourful pendants, to signature metals and geometric silhouettes, there is a statement necklace to suit every style.

Some of our first pieces of women’s jewellery, our necklace collection is full of gorgeous pendants in silver, gold and rose gold, so you can choose a piece in your favourite metal. With graphic designs ranging from circles and hanging pleats, to cylinders and hoops, necklaces are an easy way to customise any outfit. Our patina necklaces also add a bit of colour while our Arden black and gold necklace plays with ropework and new textures. Looking as gorgeous with a little black dress as with a t-shirt and jacket, don’t be afraid to rock a statement necklace any day of the week.

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hoop earrings | Alice Made This

No item of jewellery adds instant glamour to an outfit quite like a considered pair of earrings. Hair up or hair down, with a casual bomber or a cocktail dress, earrings are ideal for elevating any garment. They are sophisticated yet subtle, fun yet simple. Hoop earrings in particular are a timeless wardrobe staple that you can always rely on, guaranteed to give you the finishing touch you need.

Available in a variety of hoop sizes, with gold and silver pendants, our collection of hoop earrings are beautiful go-tos. You can grab them in the morning while you’re getting ready for work or plan to wear them to a wedding or a party. Featuring geometric charms that are precision turned in a factory that usually specialises in Aerospace part production, these hoops are an ideal balance between elegance and engineering, the feminine and the industrial.

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cocktail rings | Alice Made This

Nothing catches the eye quite like a statement or cocktail ring, particularly if you’re someone who talks with their hands. Worn individually or stacked together, whichever finger you choose to wear your rings on, your are sure to make an impact and showcase your attention to detail. Easy to wear and versatile to style, you’re sure to find a piece to fit your aesthetic.

For creating a bold statement at an event or an occasion, choose one of our larger cocktail rings like the Margot gold or Audrey gold rings. Looking for more of an everyday piece? Check our Mia rings, available in gold, rose gold and silver, or create a stack with our Tio, Anning and Kitson designs.

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women's bracelets | Alice Made This

Some of the most timeless pieces of women’s jewellery, bracelets are something every girl should own. No matter if you prefer a solid cuff or an adjustable rope bracelet, you can wear them alone or layer them together to create single or stacked statements.

In the studio, we are loving the Charlie bracelet, in silver, gold or rose gold, with a dedicated bar for engraving and personalising. It looks as awesome with a pair of jeans in the studio as it does dressed up. If you prefer a cuff, experiment with our Lapworth, Anning and Oscar designs, mixing metals and textures to create unique combinations and interesting pairings. However you choose to style yours, well chosen bracelets are a simple way to juxtapose the graphic with the smooth, the architectural with the feminine.

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Pins and Brooches:

Pins and brooches are some of the most popular pieces of women’s jewellery for 2020. They could not be more versatile! You can wear them on the lapel of a blazer or an overcoat, group them on a denim jacket or use them to accessories a chunky knit or cardigan. Find a brooch in your choice of metals and finish and this contemporary detail will see you styling your lapels and button-holes for work, a special occasion or whenever you want to add that extra bit of interest. Feeling adventurous? Use your pin to add detail to a dress, a shirt colour or a regular tee. There are no rules or wrong answers. Go with whatever feels right to you!

For 2020, we are loving our Jessica Bird lapel pins, featuring gorgeous illustrations of British flowers, or for a more personalised approach, our Dot pins, in steel and brass, in oversized, mottled and polished finishes. Engrave them with important dates, initials and words and you can create a collection of pins that are truly unique to you, your personality and the statements you want to make.

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Who said cufflinks were just a men’s accessory? With the right cuffed shirt, paired with a great pair of trousers or a tailored skirt, women’s cufflinks are the perfect jewellery for work. Designed for the smaller cuff size, our women’s cufflink collection includes a curation of designs and finishes in brass and silver. From the architectural structures of our Erno polished silver cufflinks, to the smaller Austin brass cufflinks, you can find minimalist cufflinks to suit you.

Looking for an engraved pair of women’s cufflinks for yourself or to gift to a loved one? Our Jessica Bird cufflinks feature rich patina finishes and are engraved with wonderful illustrations of British flowers, such as the poppy and the rose, creating a true combination or art and science. If you’d rather choose your own engraving and personalise your women’s cufflinks, then go for our Dot cufflinks and, thanks to our complimentary engraving service, you can choose your own initials, messages and memories to engrave and make your mark on your cufflinks.

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Have you thought about personalised women’s jewellery?

personalised womens jewellery | Alice Made This

2021 is all about personalisation! In a world where we are all encouraged to have our own voices, express ourselves and live by what we believe in, personalised jewellery is a perfect way of creating looks that are unique and recognisably ‘you’. With personalised jewellery, no two pieces are ever the same, so you have the opportunity to create something really special. You can wear your pieces for years to come and carry those words or memories with you throughout life.

Engraved jewellery is the perfect way to add some individuality to your wardrobe or gift your loved one something that’s truly personal to them. That’s why we are pleased offer complimentary engraving with some of our best-selling women’s jewellery designs. From our Dot necklaces, bracelets and lapel pins, to our Charlie bracelets, you can choose whatever initials, words, dates or memories that you’d like to engrave onto your pieces and our expert team will handle the rest. Express yourself this year and make your mark with your jewellery. Wear your pieces individually to create a singular statement or group them together to create a real impact. Whatever your vibe, you can personalise your pieces to suit you.

Women’s jewellery trends to be aware of

Mixing metals:

mixed metal jewellery | Alice Made This
Whoever said you have to stick to just silver or just gold is living in the past. By mixing your metals, combing gold with rose gold and silver, or layering brass with steel or copper, you can create contemporary and fun looks, playing with different textures and finishes. For example, why not stack a selection of our cuff bracelets or statement rings, experimenting with different shapes and styles? We love the Mia rose gold ring paired with the Kitson silver ring and Tio gold ring. Or how about the Anning silver bracelet stacked with the Lapworth rose gold bracelet or Oscar brass bracelet? Never be afraid to mix and match!

For the ultimate in mixing metals, go for a pair of our new hoop earrings like the Dot silver & gold large hoop earrings or the Juno gold & silver hoop earrings. With the hoop in a contrasting metal to the geometric charm, they are a beautiful example of mixing metals to create a subtle statement.

Coordinating pieces:

gold and silver hoop earrings | Alice Made This

Speaking of our new hoop earrings, they lead us perfectly onto our next jewellery trend for 2020 and beyond. Coordinating your jewellery! Choosing a matching necklace and earrings can create a really timeless and well put together vibe, leaving you feeling your best.

A number of pieces throughout our women’s collection are based on the same hardware and silhouettes. For example, our Dot hoop earrings are mirrored with our Dot necklace, our Dot lapel pins and our Dot bracelets. This means that you can create fantastic jewellery combinations by coordinating your pieces. You’ll look smart, considered and confident, repeating design motifs throughout your outfit.

Simple and minimalist:

minimalist jewellery | Alice Made This

At Alice Made This we live by the motto ‘less is more’. Our entire aesthetic is based around pared back designs and clean lines. To embrace the minimalist trend, you can either coordinate simple jewellery with a simple outfit, keeping everything understated and focusing on quality pieces and a limited colour palette. Alternatively, you can pair slightly louder and more detailed items of clothing with minimalist jewellery to level them out. Minimalist jewellery will never go out of style, so choose wisely and you can wear them for years to come.

Whether you choose one of our new pairs of gold and silver hoop earrings, a statement necklace or a bracelet, minimalism runs through our entire women’s jewellery collection so you can take your pick when opting for this style.

Geometric jewellery:

geometric jewellery | Alice Made This

We can’t get enough of geometric jewellery. Shapes, structure and simple forms. From circle necklaces like our Mia and Dot designs, to graphic pendants like our Juno or Esme necklaces, you can play with your jewellery to create gorgeous silhouettes and eye-catching statements. Geometric jewellery looks as great dressed up or dressed down so be bold and choose pieces that work with your wardrobe.

Searching for jewellery to make an impact at an event? Want to add a bit of interest to your work wardrobe? Need something to liven up your favourite basics? Geometric jewellery is a sure fire answer to look great, dressed up or dressed down.

Pops of colours:

colourful necklaces | Alice Made This

We may love our signature metals, but we’re no stranger to a pop of colour either! Sometimes your mood, outfit or the occasion calls for a bolder palette and an injection of colour. If you’re looking for colourful jewellery, then we recommend our Nola patina necklaces, in an array of vibrant colours, from teal to amethyst purple, or our Jessica Bird lapel pins and brooches, featuring exquisite floral engravings and rich patina finishes. Check out the Thistle patina pin or the Poppy patina pin for some colourful interest.

Choose a colour that suits your skin tone, your mood and the outfit and you can add some real personality to an ensemble. There are times when a bit of colour is just what the doctor ordered!

Behind our women’s jewellery

When it comes to our full collection of women’s jewellery, the story and the materials behind our pieces are as important to us as the items themselves. During the design process, Alice is inspired by architecture, geometry, nature and raw materials to produce refined and timeless collections.

From British coastlines and ancient patina techniques, to the graphic line and expert rope work, we are constantly inspired by the world around us and the local craftspeople that we work with. From design through to packaging, we strive to be honest, responsible and local in everything we do, ensuring the sustainability and provenance of your pieces.

The majority of our women’s pieces are precision turned in our British factory that usually specialises in making parts for the aerospace industry. Juxtaposing the industrial with the feminine, the machined finishes of our women’s jewellery works beautifully, creating effortless elegance that you can style your way.

However you decide to wear or gift your women’s jewellery this year, be bold and experiment with different metals and shapes. There is no better way to liven up an outfit than with a clean and considered accessory. Let your jewellery speak for itself and you’ll be sorted from now until New Year’s Eve and beyond!

You can browse our full collection of women’s jewellery here and, for more inspiration and behind the scenes shots, you can follow us on Instagram @alicemadethis.

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