2021: A year of optimism, self-expression and personalised jewellery

2021 is a year where we will see light beyond the tunnel of 2020. With patience, love, community spirit and a true sense of self, we are looking to make the next few years ones to remember for all the positives...

In the Alice Made This studio, one of our favourite ways of expressing our individual style is through our jewellery. We are always playing with different necklace combinations or trying on different pairs of cufflinks with different bracelets. By experimenting with metals, finishes and textures, it’s easy to create interchangeable combinations of timeless and versatile pieces, whatever your mood or the occasion.

Thanks to the launch of our personalised jewellery collection, you can take this even further. Now, with our complimentary engraving service, you can personalise your favourite Alice Made This jewellery with the initials, words and messages that mean something to you. Our in-house engraving capabilities use diamond drag blade technology to ensure a clean, precise and refined engraving detail.  This best-in-class machine allows you to make your pieces beautifully personal. Whether it’s a personalised necklace or a collection of personalised bracelets, engraved jewellery looks fantastic worn individually and stacked together. Here are some of our favourite pieces and some ideas for getting creative with your engraved jewellery.

Personalised necklaces for her

A personalised necklace is a girl’s best friend when it comes to jewellery. Not only can you be bold and wear your favourite statement or initials with pride, an engraved necklace is one of the most versatile pieces you can own. Dress it up with your favourite evening dress for a special occasion or dress it down with a blouse and jeans to meet friends. The right personalised necklace can become like your own trademark. Instantly recognisable, you can where it whenever and wherever you choose and people will start to associate it with you and your style. A true wardrobe staple, you’ll soon find that an outfit isn’t complete without it.

personalised necklaces | Alice Made This

Our Dot necklace is available in silver, gold and rose gold. The simple and subtle circular token is the perfect surface for engraving, creating a pared-back and refined detail that you’ll adore. Circle necklaces are the ultimate accessories when it comes to geometric and minimalist jewellery. They are tactile, graphic and timeless while still being feminine.

Our Dot necklaces were made for engraving. The beautiful ‘dot’ is hung on a 40cm snake chain, made with a vermeil quality 24 carat gold, rose gold or rhodium finish depending on your preferred metal. The solid dot begins by being precision turned in our British Aerospace factory before being hand polished and finished with precious metal, making it ideal for everyday wear and gifting. Whatever your aesthetic, the Dot personalised necklace is adaptable for anyone.

Men’s personalised necklaces

Don’t start thinking that personalised necklaces are just for women! Our men’s personalised necklaces are quickly becoming some of our favourite pieces of engraved jewellery, with our team in the office counting them amongst their true wardrobe staples. As with women’s necklaces, a men’s engraved necklace is incredibly versatile. You can wear it underneath your shirt if you still want to wear something meaningful with a more formal look, or you can dress it down with a plain t-shirt or jumper. They transcend age and make the perfect gift for him or a great treat for yourself.

men's personalised necklaces | Alice Made This

Our Dot silver dog tag necklace for men offers the perfect space to engrave a message or a personal detail on, be that an initial, a quote or a statement. Inspired by a traditional military dog tag we have pared back the shape to be a clean circular disc shape that features a small hole through which it is strung onto its box chain. This silver necklace is machined in our British Aerospace factory before being hand worked in our London studio. It features an oxidised solid 925 silver chain paired with an 18mm aerospace grade steel ID tag.

You can choose between a clean-machined finish or a hand mottled finish, depending on your personal style With a men’s personalised necklace, expressing yourself is easy. Simply choose your design, your finish and your engraving and you’re ready to customise any outfit and make it your own.

Personalised bracelets for her

Maybe you’re not a necklace person? Or maybe you want additional pieces of engraved jewellery to match your new necklace? Regardless of your style, personalised bracelets are a beautiful accessory for her. Worn on one wrist or two, stacked or individually, an engraved bracelet is both fun and precise, allowing you to experiment with different textures and shapes. They look as gorgeous with work wear, ready for making an impression, as they do with a summer dress and trainers (bring on the sunshine!).

personalised bracelets | Alice Made This

Our Dot and Charlie personalised bracelets are some of our must-haves for 2020. Beautiful ID bracelets made with vermeil quality 24 carat gold, rose gold or silver (rhodium) finishes (depending on your vibe), the hardware of our bracelets are precision turned in our Aerospace factory before being hand polished and finished with these precious metals.

A black twisted cord, manufactured in Malvern but our British marine rope makers, completes the bracelets to create a minimal and personal piece of jewellery designed specifically for both wearing everyday and gifting.

Firstly decide whether you prefer the circular token of the Dot bracelet or the precision milled bar have the Charlie (or both) and then what you want to engrave on your new jewellery. A more difficult decision is whether you are going to gift them to a loved one or keep them yourself!

Men’s personalised bracelets

Our Charlie silver and rope men’s bracelets are lovely pieces to personalise too.  The contrast of the colourful cord against the engineered metal work offers a gorgeous series of bracelets for men.

men's personalised bracelets | Alice Made This

Mirroring our women’s design, the Charlie bracelets for men are available in white and silver, red and silver or neon and silver, depending on your colour palette. These colourful and vibrant pieces feature 2.4mm Dyneema cord, the world’s strongest and lightest fibre, for a casual and vibrant look.

Available in blue, red and black, we also have our thicker Bradshaw design. With its Dyneema cord and stainless steel toggle, this personalised bracelet is more subtle with the space for engraving taking the shape of a beautiful disc that can be used to tighten or loosen the bracelet, sitting comfortably underneath the wrist. No matter the design you choose, you can be sure to make a statement with one of these bold bracelets for him.

Personalised lapel pins and brooches

Personalised lapel pins and brooches are a wonderful wardrobe embellishment. As timeless and beautiful items lapel pins and brooches are a beautiful way to up your style game, and are seen by us as a wardrobe staple. Never to go out of style and as some of our most fun accessories, these pins can be clustered together to group words, initials and sayings or worn alone to create a standalone statement. On denim jackets, knitwear, blazer lapels and overcoats, the opportunities to show off your engraved pins are endless.

personalised lapel pins and brooches | Alice Made This

Minimalist, honest and gender neutral, our lapel pin designs are the perfect gift for any loved one.  Designed as a canvas for your words, choose between steel and brass, machined or mottled, regular or oversized. You will find that there is a pin for everyone. Get creative with your engravings and stand out from the crowd with a piece that can be worn and enjoyed for years to come.

Personalised cufflinks

A pair of engraved cufflinks is something that every man should own. Whether for work, a special occasion or a wedding, cufflinks are the ultimate in formal dressing. Once you’ve found the design and metal that you prefer, adding an engraving to the face of your cufflinks finishes the accessory off with a wonderfully personal touch. After all, it’s the little details that count.

personalised cufflinks | Alice Made This

Not only that, but personalised cufflinks make a very thoughtful gift! Struggling to find something to buy the man who has everything, want to gift something special to your groomsmen? Whatever the situation, a pair of engraved cufflinks is something that your loved one can wear again and again, staying with him throughout life. From graduation and that first job interview, to wedding days and office parties, there are cufflinks to brighten any suit. Our Edward, Dot or Oliver cufflinks are a great place to start!

Personalised signet rings

Looking for a piece of personalised jewellery that is both classic and contemporary? Our engraved signet rings are a contemporary take on a piece that has immense cultural and historic significance. Our collection of polished brass, matte brass, polished steel, matte steel and polished copper signet rings can all be engraved with letters, numbers or words in a font and size of your choice.

personalised signet rings | Alice Made This

Signet rings are made for the everyday, for wearing whenever, wherever and for gifting to those you love. For the more traditional, you can opt to wear your personalised signet ring on your little finger or, for a more modern approach; you can mix it up and alternate between different fingers. Gone are the days when signet rings were seen as stuffy or dull. Now you can create your own unique statement with a pared back ring that is both meaningful and stylish.

Ideas for personalising your jewellery

If you love the idea of personalised jewellery, but you are not sure where to start, our main advice is to go with your gut. If you want an engraved necklace with your initials on it, go for it! If you have a word that means something really special to you, wear it with pride! There are no wrong answers when it comes to personalisation because it’s completely unique to you and your individual style. Just go with what feels great, what feels like you and what aligns with the messages you want to put out into the world.

Initials, names, dates and locations are popular and make wonderfully personal gift ideas for gifting jewellery. Words can too! Here we have highlighted some words that could make beautiful engravings on our jewellery!

We have gathered a few half glass full quotes to take you into 2020 and for you to use as a bit of inspiration to get those creative vibes flowing. Let them spark something in you and inspire your next engraved accessory!

 “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” Dr Seuss

“Choose to be optimistic, it feels better.”Dalai Lama XIV

“Every problem has a gift for you in its hands.”Richard Bach

“They can because they think they can.”– Virgil

“Just Do It.”– Nike

“Don’t let your failures define you—let them teach you.”Barack Obama

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” Winston Churchill

Believe you can and you're halfway there.” Theodore Roosevelt

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” Albert Einstein

Nothing is impossible. The word itself says "I'm possible!" Audrey Hepburn

“Try to be a rainbow in someone else's cloud.” Maya Angelou

“You do not find the happy life. You make it.” Camilla Eyring Kimball

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory.” Dr. Seuss

Happiness is not by chance, but by choice.” Jim Rohn

Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi

“If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way.” Martin Luther King Jr.

“You are enough just as you are.” Meghan Markle

“Spread love everywhere you go.” Mother Teresa​

“Don't wait. The time will never be just right.” Napoleon Hill

“If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.” Roald Dahl

“Each person must live their life as a model for others.” Rosa Parks​

“A champion is defined not by their wins but by how they can recover when they fall.” Serena Williams

“Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon.” Winnie the Pooh

“Beauty begins the moment you decided to be yourself.” Coco Chanel

Change the world by being yourself.” – Amy Poehler

Every moment is a fresh beginning.” – T.S Eliot

Never regret anything that made you smile.” – Mark Twain

What we think, we become.” Buddha

Strive for greatness.” – Lebron James

And still, I rise.” – Maya Angelou

“When words fail, music speaks” – Shakespeare

“And here you are living despite it all” ― Rupi Kaur

 “Sometimes you have to create your own sunshine.” Sam Sundquist

“When in doubt, always choose love and gratitude” Hal Elrod

For more information about our engraving services, email hello@alicemadethis.com and we’ll be happy to help. You can also browse our full collection of personalised jewellery here and see how we are wearing ours by following us on Instagram @alicemadethis.