Design Icons: Erno Goldfinger

The next in our Design Icons series, Erno Goldfinger was a Hungarian-born architect and furniture designer. Known for being a key member of the Modernist architectural movement, designing residential tower blocks and brutalist structures, he was strongly influenced by Le Corbusier and Auguste Perret. 

Following World War Two and the shortage of housing, Goldfinger began designing tower blocks and rose to prominence. The 27-floor Balfron Tower, Carradale House and the Trellick Tower, where the team here at Alice Made This decided to shoot our Silversmith collection, are some of his most notable Brutalist buildings. 

Showcasing bold, geometric design and a raw, considered approach to design, Goldfinger was a pivotal design reference when producing our Silversmith collection of solid silver cufflinks, cuff bracelets and tie bar. An honest attention to detail and a respect for materials inspired our design process and led to us naming the Erno cufflinks after his work. 

design icons | journal | Erno Goldfinger

design icons | lookbook | journal | Erno Goldfinger