Studio favourites: Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter

Dating back more than 250 years, Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter is Europe’s largest concentration of jewellery businesses and produces 40% of all the jewellery made in Britain. Alice Made This is proud to be celebrating this area of industry with its Silversmith collection, a solid silver collection of cufflinks, cuff bracelets and a tie bar contrasting the raw with the refined, the polished and industrial.

Home to the world’s largest Assay Office, 12 million pieces are hallmarked in the Jewellery Quarter each year – including our precise Silversmith accessories.  Each piece is stamped with the Birmingham hallmark to show appreciation for the ‘city of a thousand trades’ where it was cast and hand finished. The powerhouse of the industrial revolution, Birmingham developed into a large manufacturing town, working with various metals and attracting large foundries, representing British innovation at its most honest.

Today the Jewellery Quarter is still home to over 500 jewellery businesses, including our Silversmith Dave Harman, and is a hub for creative businesses. Alice was drawn to this juxtaposition of the innovative with the traditional, the rough with the smooth. Featuring both polished and matte finishes, the Silversmith collection encompasses the raw history of post-war Birmingham, with the clean refinery of Silversmithing. Architectural forms are showcased in a timeless material, celebrating this industrial heart of Britain.

m8 silver bracelet | moodboard

silver bracelet | inspired by brutalist architecture

m8 silver bracelet | brutalism

mens silver jewellery | made locally