Introducing the Silversmith collection

Inspired by Brutalist architecture, while highlighting the industry and history of Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, Alice Made This is pleased to introduce the launch of its Silversmith collection – a precise and refined solid silver collection of cufflinks, cuff bracelets and a tie bar.

mens | simple | silver | tie bar | bancroft

mens | solid silver | cufflinks | denys

mens | solid silver | cufflinks | bancroft

Our Silversmith collection is born from Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, the ‘city of a thousand trades’ and the powerhouse of industrial innovation. Having looked to Brutalist architecture and honest materials for inspiration, Alice was drawn to the juxtaposition of the rough with the smooth, the industrial with the refined.

Featuring polished and matte finishes, the new collection contrasts the raw history of post-war Birmingham with the clean honesty of Silversmithing. Our first solid silver collection, including our first tie bar, each piece is stamped with the Birmingham hallmark and showcases architectural forms in a timeless material. Our skilled Silversmith is personally dedicated to the quality and refinement of each piece.

Dave Harman, the Silversmith behind our precise accessories, has 20 years experience in jewellery making and has seen the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter evolve from handmade to hi-tech. It is his experience, combined with his willingness to work on both the traditional and the contemporary, which makes him an ideal partner for Alice Made This.

mens | solid silver | cufflink | erno

mens | solid silver | bracelet | m8

mens | silver | tie bar | bancroft

“Firstly, all the models are CAD made in plastic and are SLA printed,” Harman tells us. “Then cold cure moulds are produced for the casting process in silver. The pieces are then de-sprued, filed, buffed and Hallmarked. Finally items are barrelled for a matte finish, then buffed and polished for the desired effect.”

By carefully and delicately hand finishing each cufflink, cuff bracelet or tie bar, Harman ensures that the cast honesty of the silver is retained while also polishing specific edges and surfaces for a contrasting mirror finish.

Through the skills of our Silversmith, our collection showcases one material in alternate finishes and textures, celebrating the industrial city of their production.