Working with us

Corporate opportunities | Alice Made This

At Alice Made This we are always finding new and innovative ways of working with our products, processes and materials. With our collections being made in Britain, we have close relationships with all our factories and a pioneering in-house creative studio that can take your idea from initial design through to final production. 

Here are just some of the ways that Alice Made This can work with you.

Customising our products
Several of our existing designs can be engraved and plated in different materials to suit your personal tastes and requirements. Whether that is adding a logo, your initials or an alternate finish, we can work with you to customise our current offerings.

Exclusive designs
Using our existing processes and materials, we can work with our factories and creative studio to produce an exclusive design just for you. 
We can design a unique profile or shape in brass, steel, copper and titanium. 
We can offer you unique brass profiles and shapes from our Aerospace process with precious metal plating in silver, rhodium, copper and gold.
Royal Household
We can cast unique pieces in our London casting house in solid metals including bronze, silver, gold, rose gold, platinum and palladium. 
We can create our William cufflinks and lapel pins in unique colours, including single colours or two-tone options, allowing you to coordinate with a team colour or fit with a tailored colour scheme.
Military Tailoring
Working with our London Atelier we can offer cufflinks, lapel pins and alternate products using gold, silver and black goldwork embroidery techniques.
Working with our dedicated silversmith in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter we can realise bespoke designs.

Unique projects
By pairing your heritage, processes and materials with ours, we can work together on unique projects and products. We work with a number of high profile clients to offer consultation and products with provenance, innovation and technical excellence whilst telling a compelling end-to-end story.

If you would like to work with us or hear more about how we can refine your idea into a precise product then we would love to hear from you. Please email to speak to our creative team.