Copper cufflinks | Brass cufflinks | Steel cufflinks
The first Alice Made This process. Clean and machined pieces are precision turned in our Aerospace factory from solid bars of metal.


Gold cufflinks | Silver cufflinks | Copper cufflinks
Using an industrial electroplating process, precision turned accessories are plated in gold, silver, copper and rhodium for a reflective finish.


Rope cufflinks | Knot cufflinks
Inspired by traditional shipping knots, cufflinks and lapel pins are tightly woven by the hands of one of Britain's most esteemed rope workers.


Formula One
Ceramic cufflinks | Formula One cufflinks | Alice Made This
Harder than steel and cut with diamond impregnated blades, our Formula One process creates our engineered ceramic cufflinks.


Royal Household
Gold cufflinks | Silver cufflinks | Rose gold cufflinks
In possession of a Royal Warrant, a family owned casting house in Hatton Garden investment casts our Royal Household lapel pins and cufflinks.


Military Hardware
Gold cufflinks | Silver cufflinks | Military cufflinks
One of the last working military armouries in the world uses a deep draw stamping process to produce our Military Hardware collection.


Military Tailoring
Gold lapel pins | Silver lapel pins | Military lapel pins
Older than the battle of Waterloo, our atelier use traditional Goldwork techniques to embroider our Military Tailoring lapel pins.


Silver cufflinks | Silver tie bar | Alice Made This
Inspired by Brutalist architecture, our first solid silver collection comes from Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter.