Military Hardware

Military Hardware

The Military Hardware collection works with one of the oldest and most intricate techniques for producing military regalia. Using the highly engineered die and tool set, the pieces are crafted by one of the last working military armouries in the world.


Gold cufflinks | Silver cufflinks | Lapel pins

The collection of cufflinks and lapel pins come in diamond, square and circle variations to pay tribute to the military symbols for land, air and sea. Developed using solid gold, solid silver and gold plated brass with low baked enamel, the cufflinks use mixed shapes to create the first Alice Made This reversible accessory. The pins compliment the cufflink shapes and each is hallmarked according to its material and finish.

Beginning the deep draw stamping process, computer aided drawings are translated onto a pantograph and drawn onto a metal die block at a scale of 1:1. Blank metal rectangles are then positioned over the die and an Osterwalder press drops a weight at speed upon the blank, pressing it heavily into the die. Technically known as a ‘blow’, each piece goes through this process three times to achieve a clean sharp stamp detail. Once stamped, each piece is punched, polished, shanked, welded and hand finished to form honest and refined pieces.

The collection sees us working with Firmin and Sons, the only remaining comprehensive ceremonial design, manufacture and supply house in the UK. In possession of a Royal Warrant, Firmin has operated for over 350 years and maintains the finest collection of medal, badge and button dies in the world. This range includes the original dies cut for the buttons worn by Admiral Lord Nelson.