The Marine collection includes cufflinks and lapel pins made using 1.4mm, 16 plait, smooth braid cord; a specialist cord that is durable and abrasive resistant, primarily used in sailing and the marine sports industry. The cord is woven in Malvern, England, with a prolific marine braiding house.


Rope cufflinks | Knot cufflinks

The pieces are hand braided, ‘stopper knot’ pieces, developed with British rope makers in East Anglia & the Midlands. The stopper knot was developed as a decorative and complex knot to compete against fellow seamen and ensure one’s vessel was ‘shipshape’. The expression originates from inspections carried out during the 1800s to check for clean and tidy ships. After assessing a crew’s knotting skills, competence and pride in their vessels, when inspected and approved for port entry, ships were declared to be ‘shipshape.’

Each pair of cufflinks and lapel pin uses 2.7 metres of cord, forming a collection steeped in British naval history, celebrating a unique and highly specialised artisan skill.