Formula One

The Formula One collection of cufflinks is made using white Technox® Zirconia, a high performance material used for high-friction car components, bulletproof vest repel hardware, military vehicle protection and bone replacement.


Ceramic cufflinks | Formula One cufflinks

The Technox® Zirconia material innovation offers traditional benefits of ceramics, without the fragility, together with the high strength and the elasticity of steel. The manufacturing process of our collection is a labour intensive and highly accurate. It involves the consolidation of powder, green machining of compacted powder, sintering and diamond grinding.

The Technox® Zirconia powder is die pressed under extreme pressure to form a solid, compacted rod. The powder is green machined in its chalk form to begin the shape forming. The basic shapes are fired or ‘sintered’ at temperatures approaching 1800, creating a material that is stronger than steel. During this process the powder particles bond together and the pieces shrink by 15-20% of the original die pressed chalk rod, to a wearable size. Diamond grinding is used to refine the sintered, ultra hard state of the pieces. Grinding, lapping and polishing the surfaces refine the shapes and meet tight tolerances and high quality levels.

The designs are produced in limited edition batches of 50. Laser etching decorates the surface and marks the base with an individual edition number from 1–50. The cufflinks are the culmination of a highly mathematical, scientific and intensive journey.