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The Anglo American Applaud Awards are an event to celebrate the internal teams globally across the business. Alice Made This were asked to generate an award that was both statuesque and personal. 

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Our design:

The bronze cast plinth has a concave carved core to represent mining in a literal form. The Awards form is inspired and informed by the psychology of shape, indicative of a mindful approach. Its monumental form visually communicates a powerhouse, with the core’s smooth elliptical shape signifying compassion, inclusion and unity.

studio AMT | craftsmanship |anglo american applaud awards Sand cast in silicon bronze, the awards are 96% copper.

  Sand Cast in South East London with a Foundry that was established in 1927 and is the

last remaining sand casting specialist in precision casting, in London.

  The awards master mould is made by hand carving an original in wood.

  Six casting patterns are made using this master.

  The silicon bronze is heated to 1150 degrees Celsius and poured into each pattern,

after which they cool overnight.

  The cast awards are released and blast cleaned before being hand finished by our

expert bronze workers.

  Each award is intensively hand finished. Worked on for over 20 hours each, the awards

are de-sprued, fettled, ground, sand-blasted and leveled. The main body of each award

is chase-sanded and the core of each award is mirror polished before being delivered

to the patina artist.

• Combining art, expert craftsmanship and chemistry, the awards are artistically finished

with our London based patina artist Derek Bayley.

• The awards are prepared for the Patina by sand blasting with a fine abrasive.

Propane heat is combined with a recipe of silver nitrate and potassium sulphide, to

create a visually complex and beautifully durable deep charcoal finish. This finish is the result of layering and mixing the chemicals and oxidising them in the immediate


Once cooled, multiple layers of micro-crystalline and carnauba wax are layered on to

preserve the piece, then buffed and polished back along the core edge.

The awards are finally diamond drag engraved with precision in London’s Hatton


A unique piece, designed with care, driven by industry and finished by hand.

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