The foundation of Alice Made This, the Aerospace collection sees us working with a precision turned metal process typically used to manufacture aeroplane parts and components for a whole range of engineering industries. Using skills only accessible to industry professionals, pieces of solid stainless steel, brass and copper are fine-tuned using CAD systems to accommodate high tolerance measurements and turned on an automated lathe from solid metal bars.


Brass cufflinks | Copper cufflinks | Steel cufflinks | Alice Made This

Complex turned details, including refined silhouettes, reflective qualities, diamond knurling and countersunk drilling, decorate the pieces for a clean and machined finish.

We also use barrelling, a surface operation which sees raw materials tumbled in a rotating barrel, creating friction as they collide with each other, as well as selected media and compounds. In industry barrelling is used for rounding corners, deburring, grinding, descaling, deflashing, burnishing, polishing and radiusing parts.

From our cufflinks and lapel pins, to our shirt studs and geometric hardware, the Aerospace collection offers precise products of British industrial history in Alice Made This’ raw materials.