Refined and Precise Stationery

September 06, 2016

This week is a milestone for the Alice Made This team. Not only are we welcoming September and getting back to work in the studio, but Rocky, Alice & Ed's son, is starting school for the first time. To celebrate the new academic year, as well as all the exciting adventures that lie ahead for Rocky, we have curated a selection of refined and precise stationery. 

Paired with our Bancroft silver tie bar, our Thomas gold cufflinks and our Quinn silver necklace, we have carefully chosen pieces from Hay, ystudio, Leuchtturm1917 and Mont Blanc to highlight material value, honest design and geometric form.

In the Alice Made This studio, we believe that a clean and elegant product can only be achieved through a respect for and attention to process. What will you achieve this Autumn and what tools will you use to do it?








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Pen by Mont Blanc 
Soft cover A5 slim notebook, dotted by Leuchtturm1917
Laptop brush by Hay
Brassing ruler by ystudio 
Blackwing pencil from Present & Correct
Italian stapler from Present & Correct
Spring scissors from Present & Correct