Alice Made This work with London's MetFilm School

With August being a month filled with good holiday vibes and summer calibration, we thought we'd step back and show you a few projects we have been experimenting with in 2018. This week we are pleased to introduce our latest video project in collaboration with MA students from London’s Met Film School. Highlighting our ethos of Engineered Simplicity, this short film celebrates British industry, the design process and our signature aesthetic. We hope you enjoy it!


Our brand has evolved a lot since we were founded in 2012, but some things never change. Since the beginning, we have worked with British industrial processes to design Men’s accessories, and more recently Women’s jewellery, that are informed by proportion and geometry. Based in London and with a passion and respect for materials at our core, Alice, Ed and the Studio AMT team continue to work towards our objective of creating Engineered Simplicity.

We work with British factories, ranging from Aerospace part manufacturers to Silversmiths and Patina artists, to offer our full collection of cufflinks, lapel pins, cuff bracelets, shirt studs, necklaces, statement rings and earrings. It’s important to us that our pieces are as appropriate for the office or a wedding as they are for adding a talking point to a more casual look, allowing you to dress them up or dress them down depending on your mood and the occasion. We’re always experimenting and hope that our accessories empower you to explore your personal style, encouraging you to wear them your way. 

You can find our products globally in high end retailers (including Mr Porter, Liberty, Harvey Nichols and Isetan) and our full collection is available for you to browse here in our online store. Can’t find what you’re looking for or have a question for Alice and the team? We’re always happy to hear from you on

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We’d also like to thank the team from  London’s MetFilm School for their time and energy on this project. Be sure to check them out! 

Producer: Tomm Coles - @tommcoles

Director: Jeremy Au - @jerjeremy

Director of Photography: Rafael Rolim - @rafarolimr

Editor: Adaya Cohen - @adaya_cohen

Music: Memory Flowers - @MemoryFlowersMusic