Introducing Women's

July 11, 2016

Alice Made This is proud to launch its collection for women, a clean and refined selection of necklaces working with Aerospace and Nanotechnology factories, inspired by geometric forms and honest materials.

In line with our ethos, our new Women's collection has grown from our foundations of cufflinks and men’s accessories to include jewellery that Alice can finally wear herself. Consistent with our brand values and refined design aesthetic, and after Alice’s four years of searching for simple, precise jewellery for herself, the result is a collection of ten women’s pieces that can be worn by day or by night.


"Finally I have a collection of pieces I can wear! Having spent the last few years building Alice Made This into a British made, men’s accessories proposition, I am excited to apply our design ethos to a collection for Women. I have enjoyed wearing our lapel pins and some of our other men’s pieces already, but I now feel that women as well as men can enjoy our precise language and material honesty."

"As a designer I always look to the golden ratio to inspire and inform.  It is a thread that runs across disciplines and influences our design philosophy of precision, geometry, harmony and proportion.  We are immensely proud to make all of our pieces in Britain and we continue to use our factories to produce the women’s collections."


A creative series in steel, brass, silver, gold and rose gold, the Refined Industry collection for women sits in harmony with the men’s proposition and refines timeless, raw materials into wearable objects of desire.

Combining machined and polished finishes in signature metals; pendants are precision turned in our Aerospace factory from solid bars of metal before being filed, buffed and hand polished or finished in our nanotechnology factory to create a high polish, precious metal finish.



Offering graphic profiles, architectural silhouettes and refined hardware, the pendants are then paired with the highest quality chains to create a collection of unique necklaces.

Selected pieces can be multiplied and configured together to offer curated necklace combinations. Available exclusively online these 'Shop the Look' statement pieces showcase how our necklaces can be worn in a multitude of ways to suit any occasion or personality. Keep up to date on our website, newsletter or at @alicemadethis_womens to be the first to hear about the latest 'Shop the Look' pieces.