How to wear our statement rings

With their minimal and contemporary design, how do you actually wear our Bayley Patina ring? We’ve created this short stop motion video to show you how: 


Offering rich and colourful hand finished statements, these patina rings combine both art and chemisty and have been expertly decorated by London based patina artist Derek Bayley. As no two pieces are ever the same, these rings are ideal for dressing up or dressing down, being bold with your accessories and expressing your personal style. Our patina Bayley rings are designed with a form that naturally and securely holds between any two fingers. Whether you are wearing them to a party or to the office, our statement rings are both striking and comfortable – allowing you to complete tasks and enjoy yourself without having to worry about your jewellery. We hope this video is useful for helping you to style yours your way, however if you have any further questions then we’d love to hear from you at

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Photography by @janelookerphotography.