How to style your signet rings

As the nights inevitably draw in and the seasons begin to change, many of us are starting to think about reorganising our wardrobes – digging out the knitwear from the back of the cupboard and throwing on a lightweight overcoat before leaving the house. Although the weather may still be temperamental, the timeless and minimalist design of our signet rings is something you can always rely on. No matter what the time of year, the mood or the occasion, our new rings can be accessorised to suit your style. Today, with a little help from Kenny Ho, Connor Boon and Emile Jones, we are taking you from summer through to autumn and talking about how to style your signet rings.

Dust off your overcoats

Nothing complements the falling leaves more than a well-fitting and well-chosen overcoat. Paired here with a black tee and the silver tones of our cuff bracelets in steel and silver, you can be brave with the widths of your metals, creating solid chunks that look great against the details and materials of your overcoat. Finish the look with one of our steel signet rings.

how to style your signet rings | Alice Made This

Unearth your knitwear

Under your bed, boxed away, carefully folded? Wherever you store yours during summer, it’s time to unearth your knitwear and wrap yourself in those welcome woollen textures. Here we’ve matched a classic white jumper with the warm, rich tones of a copper cuff bracelet and our copper polished signet ring. Embrace the burnt oranges and earthy reds of autumn by opting for copper jewellery and accessories.

how to style your signet rings | Alice Made This

Trans-seasonal staples

Wardrobe go-tos like fine knits and long sleeve tees are ideal for this transitional period from August through to September. Choose pieces that are minimal, monochromatic and simple to create an effortless style that works well with both our matte and polished steel signet rings. You can’t go wrong!

how to style your signet rings | Alice Made This

The bomber jacket

Your friend on even the windiest of days, the bomber jacket is a great choice for autumn. Whether you’re on your way to work, meeting friends or out with the family, a bomber jack is ideal for keeping you looking your best on the move. We recommend choosing a signet ring that matches the hardware of your jacket. For example, match a steel signet ring with a steel zip and opt for a brass signet ring to match brass pocket detailing. Coordination is a great way to show off your attention to detail and create a subtle statement.

how to style your signet rings | Alice Made This

Create softness from dark tones

Navy blues and dark t-shirts are an ideal way of bringing a softer approach to your autumn wardrobe. By opting for a signet ring on your pinky finger with a stack of cuff bracelets or a signet rings on your index finger instead with a bracelet stack in mixed metals, you can let the accessories and the raw materials speak for themselves. Whether you prefer steel, copper or brass, you can create a minimalist look that combines the traditional with the classic.

how to style your signet rings | Alice Made This

Raw yet refined

Streetwear and its raw simplicity can be refined when teamed with the right accessories. Seen here with the colour and reflective polish of our brass signet ring, why not keep things casual this season?

how to style your signet ring | Alice Made This

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Photography by @janelookerphotography.