How to mix your metals

July 31, 2018

The signature style and the language of Alice Made This is all about experimenting with different juxtapositions. Combining the industrial with the refined, the textured with the polished, the engineered with the simple, our collections explore the idea of taking something raw and imperfect and pairing it back to create men’s accessories and women’s jewellery that are both minimal and precise.

But, one area that often sparks debate when it comes to contrasts and oppositions is mixing metals.  Can you style silver with gold and rose gold when you’re putting an outfit together or should you stick to just one material? Does it depend on the occasion or the accessories in question? What are the rules and is it best to bend them sometimes?

Today, our co-founder Ed Walsh sits down with fashion consultant Melanie Walker to discuss their takes on mixing your metals. Melanie was one of the original core team working directly with Victoria Beckham to create her brand, finally stepping away from the business where she was Head of Collections for RTW to consult within a limited number of clients on an international basis across all elements of brand building.

Mixing your metals | Alice Made This

Ed Walsh says…

“My go to pairing for a daytime look is a copper bracelet with a silver ring. I’ll play around with the different finishes and maybe go for a matte finish on the ring with a polished copper bracelet. If you’re putting together a casual look, I think mixing metals with stacking bracelets looks great, especially our base metal cuff bracelets. I love combining one of our thin Bancroft silver blasted bracelets with an even thinner gold one – the contrast of the 2mm and the 4mm widths go really nicely together and the bracelets almost sit over each other in places. It’s a brave combination without being too overbearing.”

Mixing your metals | Alice Made This

“You can even opt to go bigger with the bracelets, mixing the Bancroft silver blasted with the Maxwell copper for a wider cuff. It all comes down to finding the right combination of the blasted, matte and polished bracelets to suit your personal style and not being afraid of choosing different widths in different metals.”

silver accessories | gold accessories | Alice Made This

rose gold accessories | silver jewellery | Alice Made This

“I would say though that for a wedding I usually stick with gold, choosing a pair of timeless gold cufflinks and a gold bracelet for a minimal and clean look. My watch is generally always silver so it’s quite nice to play around with the gold tones for a special occasion.”

Melanie Walker says…

“I’d say I usually mix rose gold with silver as I think it makes a look more casual. I love the Anning ring for the daytime as it’s nice and compact whereas I’d wear the Ava in the evening. For a statement, I love the Bayley salmon pink earrings paired with the Esme gold necklace and a stack of silver rings to mix in with the gold.”

silver ring | statement rings | Alice Made This

gold jewellery | women's jewellery | Alice Made This

gold statement rings | rose gold statement rings | Alice Made This

“I’d suggest finding what works on your own hands when it comes to rings. With smaller rings, I like wearing three and mixing the silver, rose gold and gold together. With the cocktail rings however, which are more of a statement, I’d keep to one colour as they are so bold. A gold statement ring on one hand and then a stack of silver on the other hand looks really lovely. When I’m not wearing a watch, I think that a thicker bracelet in a gold or a rose gold on one wrist and then a thinner silver bracelet on the other looks good too. The Oscar has been my go to lately.”

 gold statement ring | gold statement jewellery | Alice Made This

can you mix metals with jewellery | Alice Made This

“For a wedding, it really depends on the outfit. If I was wearing something patterned then I’d choose gold jewellery, but with a navy dress I might go for some of the Patina pieces as it’s nice to have a texture. Wearing two of the earrings in one ear at once, combining the silver and the gold, is fun too. I think it’s good to have something that’s flat and something that’s textured when you’re mixing metals.”

gold bracelet | rose gold bracelet | silver bracelet | Alice Made This

Whether you are keen to mix your metals, and pair your silver pieces with a rose gold or a gold detail, or are looking for pieces in a single tone, you can browse our full collection of men’s accessories here and women’s jewellery here. For more inspiration, and to see how we have been mixing our metals, follow us on Instagram @alicemadethis

Photography by @janelookerphotography